Friday, August 9, 2013

What to name our little shop...

 Even though we may not have an actual building yet, we still need to think of a name for our business!
          And we would like your help! (if you wouldn't mind too terribly) 

   It has to be something that can include a variety of things, from furniture, home decor, jewelry, accessories, and other things like that. Everything will either be handmade, refinished, repurposed, or designed by us in some way…

    One of our ideas was "Calico Prairie". We looked it up, just to make sure there wasn't another shop with that name. We found an Etsy shop, but it was closed indefinitely… So we think Calico Prairie would be safe to use….but…
    Should our business name be similar or connected to our blog name?

       Clever Bunnies, Calico Bunnies, Prairie Bunnies…. (Sometimes brainstorming is hard…)

Other ideas…

Prairie Vintage

     Hidewood Valley Vintage  (The Hidewood valley is a local place)

    So, anything you can think of would be a huge help! We need some more creative juices flowing besides our own. 

   Oh… one more thing…there's sort of a deadline for this. We would like a name by the evening of Sunday, the 11th. We are applying for a craft show this fall, and the registration has to to be in by the 13th.  Meaning, we have to get it in the mail on Monday.  

 Thank you!

  Bethany & Becca


  1. I had a bit of a hard time coming up with my store / business name. My mom actually helped me :) come up with KeturahsKorner. I'd just play around with words / colors / animals / things that you like - maybe change the spelling to fit the name. I think it would be neat if you used your blog name :) Looks like I wasn't much help ;) Keturah

    1. Our mom is trying to help us too :)
      Those are some good brainstorming ideas! We've tried using a thesaurus for words like vintage or antique to get some other ideas too.

  2. Oh wow...I wish I had ideas for you. I think all the ones you mentioned are adorable, though. That's so exciting about the craft show! Good luck to you!

    1. Thanks!
      Is there a specific one that stands out to you? Or one that you like the best?

    2. Well, "Clever Bunnies" is really really great. :D


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