Monday, August 12, 2013

And now introducing….

  Well, we've sent off our craft show application this morning, and what did we put as our business name?

                    Clever Bunnies!

  "What!" you say "You made us wrack our brains for some other highly imaginative name, and you decide to stick with one you already have? How could you!?"


Here's the reasons

#1.  It's adorable

#2.  We have already established ourselves as Clever Bunnies, so why confuse people with another name?

#3.  It's a very versatile name, I mean when you hear the name "Clever Bunnies" it doesn't scream anything in particular.  It could be anything, really, which is something we like; creative freedom, a little room for imagination.

#4. And 'Clever' is really a marvelous word, it's been around since 1175 and has various definitions… such as-

Adventurous and Witty

Along with other nice things… 

And now our mom says we have to add some humility, so… while we might not embody all the aspects of 'Clever' it is a rather lovely little word and is something we can aspire to.

Thank you everyone! 
We appreciate your ideas and input. 

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  1. I'm not too surprised at your choice for a name :) hope you do good at the craft show.


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