Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Long Awaited Event

  It is hot today. I mean, really hot.  It was hot yesterday and it's supposed to be hot for the rest of the week.  Our summer has been mild so far, but I guess this is the end of that.

  We bred Rosie + Simon exactly 32 days ago, and rabbits are almost always born on the 31st day, so yesterday we expected a litter of new baby bunnies, but were there any? 


That has been the story all this year with rabbit breeding.  We've only had one successful litter with 6+ breedings.   We were starting to wonder if there was something wrong with our rabbits.
   But what did we come home to after church? In the heat of the day? Six baby bunnies! Six!! Our biggest litter yet, and just one day late. (why do we worry?)

   Hip, hip, hurray!!

Cozy rabbit nest

Look at those little pink feet! They are so cute!

Hopefully, they'll acclimate well to the 90 degree weather  :)

The proud mother


  1. AWWWWWWW!!!! Bunnies are SO cute!!! And you have six of them! You shall have to hold them all at once when they are older because I am convinced nothing is more delightful than having an armful of fluffy, baby animals. 8-D

    1. You don't know what a feat that is to accomplish! Six little bunnies wanting to go in six different directions is quite an armful. We'll be sure to try though, and post pictures. :)



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