Monday, August 12, 2013

Homemade Garlic Powder

By Becca

Real appetizing picture, huh?
Last week Mom and I harvested our garlic and I sat on our back porch the rest of the afternoon turning that (picture above) into this (picture below)

I certainly wasn't excepting those dirt-encrused, gray papered bulbs with crazy hairlike roots to be hiding the smooth rose-colored cloves.

Is it just me, or do they remind anyone else of flower petals?

Alright, I'm getting distracted, 'focus Becca, focus!', I'll try to get back on track…
Oh yes! I was about to share with you my recipe for garlic powder.  It's very simple, all you need is-

Garlic, a dehydrator, a blender and a container for the finished product, we used a empty spice bottle.

First, mince the garlic. I chopped my garlic roughly and it took the big pieces a lot longer to dry. I should've minced.  Spread evenly on the dehydrator racks and dry until everything is completely void of moisture, gummy garlic will not make garlic powder, it will make garlic clumps.

The skins turned more purple after drying
 Once dried, place in blender and grind it to a powder.

Be careful when you take the lid off the blender, your face will be bombarded with clouds of garlic smoke and it is very strong!

 When the smoke had cleared, pour the powder in to your container and use it wherever you want some garlicky goodness!

Note: I left the skins on the garlic because I wondered if it would act as a anti-cakeing agent, or was it because I too tired to peel it off?  : )


  1. That is handy to know, for some reason I never even thought of making my own garlic powder.

    Steampunk is a lot of fun! What is your story about?

    Aye, you may have a chocolate chip cookie - I don't think it is as good as homemade, but it is soft. I always make sure they are soft. *Passes*

    1. Hi Jack!
      I'd love to share a bit about my story, but I have a tendency to get lengthy... maybe I could shoot you an e-mail?



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