Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rainy Afternoon...

By Becca

We had a lovely little notion. We had seen pictures of baby animals in teacups and they were adorable.
 So we thought; what could be better on a rainy afternoon than to shove fat baby rabbits into teacups?
Well it sounded fun, and I was certain that they would fit nicely.

Four pretty teacups for four cute bunnies :)

But it didn't work quite as I had hoped….

Now we know that 2.5 week old rabbits do not fit nicely in teacups.
We were not defeated that easily… Beth thought of something else that might work.

The cereal bowl was still too small.
So, she got a bigger bowl.

 That one was nice. So nice, that I thought maybe two would fit.

 That got a bit too snug. Then Beth got her biggest bowl out and we filled it up.

It only held three.
 Are these guys chunks or what?
Well, we abandoned the idea of putting the babies in containers and then checked to find out the babies gender. 2.5 weeks is a pretty good time to tell.
Now it's official… 
We have one boy and three girls, and they are…




& Zoe

Group picture!

It's a little sad to think that in 1.5 weeks they will be weaned and ready to go…
Mandy was already jumping out of the nest box this afternoon, they grow up so fast.

Keep checking in for more cuteness!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Graduation Party!

 By Beth

  This past weekend was my graduation.  I have survived twelve years of homeschooling, and I am officially finished! Hurray! No, I'm actually kind of sad it's all over because I loved being homeschooled.  This is only the end of a season, and by no means is this the end of my education. I will keep on learning for the rest of my life! Friday night my family had a special dinner out, with my grandparents from both sides, and a great aunt. After supper, my dad and I each gave a little speech we had prepared, and then my parents presented me with a diploma.

Yes, I am almost as tall as my dad…when wearing heels  :)

  On Saturday from 2pm-5pm we had an open house, where friends and family could come and celebrate with us (plus eat lots of yummy goodies we made)
   Since we didn't have school colors as a theme, I chose purple, peach, and teal and we went with a vintage picnic look (because you know how much I like vintage stuff)  :)

  Our menu included:
Frozen fruit cups
Hot ham and cheese buns
Potato salad
and last but not least, homemade "Hostess" cupcakes and twinkettes

Oh! And we had an italian soda bar! Which was a blast, though we can't take credit for the idea as we found it online.  It was really simple to do, all you need is sparkling water, ice, flavored syrup, and whipped cream.  It could easily be self serve, but since quite a few of my guests were under the age of ten, we had Becca and some of our cousins help by being the bartenders.

Out of our three flavor choices, Mandarin Orange and Black Cherry were close for most popular, but I think Black Cherry won in the end. Kiwi was interesting… not bad, but not kiwi. It had more of an artificial banana flavor, and was pretty good mixed with either cherry or orange (but not all three together, one of my cousins learned that the hard way). 

Decorating was fun, and pretty simple. For table covers, we used cute, floral sheets that we found in thrift stores. 

Instead of balloons we made a bunch of tissue paper flower balls, which were easy to make and looked darling.

 We have a big, spacious garage which worked out very nicely, but we also set up some tents in front for more covered seating. The weather ended up being beautiful, and even thought it was cloudy that morning, it really brightened up later.

At one thrift store, we found a package of paper plates that were probably thirty years old and had never been opened. Becca made them into a cute little banner.

My bike worked with our color scheme, so we used it as a decoration in our front yard. We added a basket to the front and filled it with picnic things, though we put the books in plastic bags because there  was a chance of rain.

For a card box, I used my little purple American Tourister train case. 

 Kind of as a guest book, we put my vintage typewriter out for people to type notes on. The downside, no spell check :) I think people enjoyed it, and it was fun reading the notes afterward.
  We had a really nice turnout, and I'm thankful for everyone who came. It was a special time, and we learned some things for Becca's graduation next year.

#1 Don't worry about running out of food (That's to you,  Mom). We have tons of food left over, and we have have cases and cases of sparkling water from the sodas, plus syrup.

#2 Don't keep checking the weather forecast. There is nothing we can do about it, and it only makes us worry unnecessarily which is foolish since God is in control.

#3 Don't leave your upright toothpaste dispenser near the sink in the bathroom the guests will be using. One little girl mistakenly used it as soap.
She came out of the house giggling and told Becca, "Guess what!"
Becca: "What?"
"I think I washed my hands with toothpaste"
Becca: "Do your hands smell minty now?"
"Kinda. They're a little sticky too"


        Well, I really should start writing thank you notes for all the nice gifts I received (I'll post about some of those later). Thanks to everyone who came, and especially to those who helped us get things ready and set up, brought us breakfast Saturday morning, and helped during the party, you were really a blessing!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Two Week Birthday!

By Becca

The babies are two weeks old today, eyes open, ears up and legs beginning to work together.
Polly was the most alert this morning, so she was chosen as this week's model, the others where being fat and sleepy.
It's so fun watching these little guys grow up, 
keep checking in.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Nice to see ya!

By Becca

Yesterday was day number ten for these little guys, and that marked a new stage in their lives… now they can see when they leap and scramble around in the nest box :)

The baby bunnies' eyes opened Monday, well actually the broken castor's eyes opened on Sunday (show off)

Even though they can open their eyes, doesn't mean that they will.  This kit ( I call him Alfie, but we're not sure of their gender yet)  was the only one cooperating with us, aren't those bright eyes so cute?  Now it will be a little easier to tell when they're awake :)
Another development that is a little more subtle, they are beginning to control their ears. They are usually lying limp, but they are starting to perk up sometimes, adorable!

Alfie in the T.A.R.D.I.S

Friday, May 10, 2013

1st Week Update

   The baby bunnies are officially one week old today!  Their fur is starting to grow, and we can now tell what colors they will be for sure.

There is one broken castor, and three black and white. The castor is from daddy, Simon. But where the black comes from is a bit of a mystery.
Even though they can't see yet, they are getting very active and like to explore the perimeter of their nest box when they are not occupied by their most favorite activity, napping.

We have started handling them (who could resist?), but because of their…um… let us say, bladder control issues, it is very risky to snuggle them close.  :)
This little black guy is our most marked yet. It's back and head are solid black except for a small white stripe down his forehead. So cute!

We will do another update very soon, because in only a few days their eyes will open, and that is one of the most exciting milestones of growth.
Keep checking in!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Drumroll please...

The moment you've all been waiting for, 

We have babies!!!!

After the last two false alarms , we chose not to do another countdown and kept things a little hush-hush.  

Friday afternoon we came home from a day of shopping, only to be met with clouds of white fur blowing from Rosie's hutch.  Beth cautiously lifted the lid to see four fat babies huddled next to a mound of fluffy bedding (Rosie isn't the best at tucking them into bed) so we covered them up for warmth and hurried inside to tell the glad news. 

I was really surprised at how dark these little guys are.  Only one of Rosie's first litter was half this dark, the rest where little blonds and redheads.  Just shows that you never know what you're gonna get.

Rosie is being a wonderful mother. The babies's tummies are full and they are staying warm, despite the fact that right now it's only 36 degrees.  Crazy weather right?

Nothing from Stormy yet, we'll wait and see. 
For now I'm thrilled with these little sweeties! Keep checking in for baby updates!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Our Recent Finds

    We never know what we are going to find in an antique store.  There are some specific things we look for, like my (Beth's) hunt for Jadeite, but sometimes as we scan the shelves, something completely unexpected will catch our eye and we'll know we've found a treasure.
   At the beginning of this week we stopped in a couple of nearby towns and discovered some neat little shops.  The first one we went to was a combination of consignment stuff, collector's items, and antiques.   At the bottom of one shelf, I found an adorable set of retro mugs.  Becca immediately claimed them.

 Becca (standing over my shoulder and reading as I type): "Well, you didn't want them, right?  You were showing them to me"

 Me: "All I had time to do was say 'Aren't these cute?' and then you scooped them up in your arms, saying 'Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine!' and rushed to the counter"

Becca's excuse:"They didn't have a price on them, I had to see how much they were!"

  She bought the set of six for a quarter a piece and was very happy :)  Well, thanks to Becca, she spotted something for me that was absolutely darling. It's a little hard to tell from the picture, but it is actually a mirror.

"For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" Romans 3:23
   It even had it's original 1970's price tag on it from Target and had been sold for $4. I bought it for one dollar less.

   The next find was a set of owl canisters with wooden lids.

   I kind of have a thing for owls :) These are also from the 60's-70's and were in pretty good shape except for some scratches on the largest one.  It will be so fun to use them in my future kitchen, even though the avocado green, harvest gold, and orange doesn't really go with Jadeite. I don't mind being a little eclectic :)

  As we stepped through the door of the last antique store, our eyes adjusted to the dim light. The shelves were filled with a myriad of things, and created row upon row in the large space. In places like this it's hard to know where to start! The poor lighting made it a little difficult to see things, and the musty antique smell was rather pungent.

(Becca now taking over as Beth goes off to work)

  We all split up and made our way through the narrow passages.  Occasionally finding things that another would like or was just to cute to keep to one's self, going back trying to find that person and point out the item, then disappearing behind another cluttered display.

   I was just doing that, the disappearing part I mean, after pointing out a set adorable aqua blue glass ice cream dishes to Mom, when she called for me to come back. She had found a beautiful 12 place-setting dinner set. It was gorgeous.
   I had walked right by that spot earlier and hadn't seen it ( Thanks Mom!).  She was holding one of the teacups when I got there, it was perfect!

I had gravitated to blue and white china in the past, but never saw anything I really loved.
There are so many reasons why I love this set, one being the colors.

A deep blue intertwined with a lighter shade and a robin's egg blue.
Another is the pattern, I had never seen anything like it!
And the set was in terrific shape, only one chip on one of the saucers,
and the price was great, $45 for all of it!
Did I mention the teacups nestle beautifully? I love nestling teacups!

(I'm gushing aren't I? Sorry, I'll try to control myself)

I also kinda have a thing for peacocks ( like Beth's 'thing' for owls).  
A local farmer has a small flock of them and when those birds start to molt, I'm like a kid in a candy store picking the feathers out of the hay. 
 Right now I have too many to know what to do with.
The pattern reminded me of a peacock, when his feathers are spread out to impress the girls :)

The set includes:
Twelve large dinner plates
Twelve medium plates
Twelve bowls
Twelve saucers and teacups.

The stamp on the the bottom of the plates says:

The Castillian Collection
Genuine Ironstone

I looked it up when I got home and found the same set on eBay, (actually it was missing a few things)
it was priced at $300!
Needless to say I was very excited, but that's all worn off now. Can't you tell? : )
Also on eBay, I saw other things in this set; a darling teapot, salt and pepper shakers, a butter dish, a soup tureen… etc, etc.
I finally have something to collect!  You know about Beth's Jadeite, well I can start collecting something too!
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