Friday, March 28, 2014

A Rather Busy Week...


My, it's been quite a while since we've posted.
  Let's see, Monday: Eye appointments and packing. Packing for what, you ask?
 A road trip to see a Jostie concert!

      We first found out about the Jost family through Natasha's blog.
Ever since, we've been enjoying their fun videos and music. 
  A few weeks ago, our mom saw on their tour schedule that they were coming to our state!
The town was about three hours away, so we decided to make a road trip out of it with some friends.

    Tuesday morning we headed out, stoping at a few little shops on the way (love a little shop!). We had a full afternoon exploring the town and going to some neat antique/thrift stores.

  The concert was at 7:00pm, and it was great! The music was so good, and we had a fun time visiting afterwards with some of the girls and the family that hosted the Josts.

We bought a copy of their new album!

The baby bunnies are 11 days old today!
Their eyes are open, and they are starting to get cute. :)

Our litter of four kits has shrunk to three. There was a little black one that didn't make it. :(

   These three however, are getting very round and fat.
 Mama Sarah Jane is doing a wonderful job caring for them. 

Other things we have been occupied with:

Prepping for Becca's graduation,

"Come on, Becca, smile!"
Mom: "You're such a nut."

Becca: "I wasn't doing it on purpose, I had hair in my mouth!"

"There we go! Lovely!"

Various projects,

 (more on these coming soon)

Dealing with a dead car battery, :(

 working on our room.

Eyelet and calico curtains

  Paper butterflies, 

 A snippet from the novelette I have been working on;
Becca is helping with the final stages of editing.

Becca's been embroidering this little guy, isn't he cute?

We leave you with a funny video by For Heaven's Sake! Productions.
(We enjoyed meeting this guy after the Jostie Concert)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Ups and Downs

Austin and Mama Stormy: September 2011

Becca and I love raising rabbits.

Having baby rabbits, watching them grow from blind, helpless little kits, to fluffy little balls of energy in only a matter of weeks has to one of the neatest miracles of God's creation to watch.

But with ups, come downs.

Our "up" today was that Sarah Jane had a healthy litter of four kits!

They're hiding in all the fur. :)

Sarah Jane

Our "down" was that Rosie was due today also,
but two weeks ago she died of natural causes.

We are pretty sad.
 Rosie was such a sweet rabbit, and a good mama
We will miss her

March 2012-March 5th 2014

Baby Rosie

Saturday, March 8, 2014

That's Old Fashioned (That's the way love should be)

By Becca

We went "junkin" yesterday, and I was looking through a stack of records and found…

We knew two of the songs, and thought we'd add it to our collection.
When we got home, we popped it in Beth's record player while we started making dinner.

The first song was new to us, but after we heard the first verse we fell in love!
It's such a sweet song, and still as relevant in 2014 as it was 52 years ago.
Even though there aren't very many ice cream parlors around now : )

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Just "Kidding" Around

Sad baby goat: "Why am I getting squeezed? I want to run and frolic!"

This is a post we meant to do this weekend, but time got away from us. 
I can hardly believe it's already Wednesday!

This past week we had the chance to farm-sit for our friends again.
 While that is always fun to do, what made it especially fun this time were the…

Baby goats!

Five kids in fact.

They were very friendly,

"Hey, that's my hand!"
 and hungry.

They were so darling! Every time we would walk in their pen, we would have two or three at our heels, or standing up against our legs, looking for a snack.

You may have noticed how cute these little guys' ears are.
Most goats have ears like this:

But their father is a Lamancha goat, which basically means he has no ears.

A Lamancha Goat

Well, not "no ears"…just very tiny ones. :)

Thank you, Scott and Becky, for letting us play with your baby goats!

 Don't worry, 
we pulled ourselves away from the kids long enough to take care of the other animals too. :)

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