Saturday, August 10, 2013

My first transformation...

By Becca

You probably have seen Beth's lovely little chair, rather nice don't you think?  I too have been working on something in the garage, and now have found the time to share about it.

I discovered this coffee table at the same re-store that Beth found her chair.  Well… that's not entirely true.  Mom found the table, pointed it out to us and I liked it too, bought for a reasonable but forgotten price that I think might have been $10 ( I lost the receipt ).

It was hard to decide what exactly to do with it, the top had some damage and I knew I wanted to expose the natural wood grain. So the first step was getting acquainted with the electric sander ( little bit scary!)


 Can you see the streaks of pink in the light wood?  I thought that was so pretty! After sanding down the top, I roughed up the rest of it and painted it black. Leaving the top natural with a simple black detail around the edge.

Now the reveal!

 (after I had started sanding a little)

(sorry, not the same angle)


Well, I think it looks sophisticated, and it was fun working on it… until I realized how many spots one can miss when working with high gloss black paint in a dimly light garage.  

Just the first in what I hope will be many more completed projects!


  1. Wow! Looks like two totally different tables. Definitely like the second best :) Keturah

  2. Thank you! I hadn't seen the before and after pics compared till I made this post, it is big change.

  3. Whoa, it looks fantastic! I love it. Excellent work :)


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