Friday, February 27, 2015

Into Thornwood || Chapter Eight

By Becca

Chapter Eight

                  Never had she heard such terror. It tore her from sleep and out of bed. It stretched on forever, reaching out, straining, and snapped.  
         Then it came again; another scream. Cecile stood still, the sound of it wrenching through her. Her heart nearly ripped in two. She raced to the curtain, found the knob and threw open the door. It was louder, echoing, spiraling down from the higher stories. The house trembled with the cries, such desperate, miserable cries. She flew to the staircase at the end of the hall, nightgown softy swishing around her legs. She grabbed the rail and climbed.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

When I Fall In Love (A very belated Valentine post)

Into Thornwood || Chapter Seven

By Becca

Chapter Seven
                  The automaton reached for the latch, hidden among the carved molding, and opened the door. Pushing aside the ivory curtain, it entered the room. The girl whirled around and stepped back, bumping against the wall.
                  “I’m glad to see that you’re up and about. How are you feeling?” He cringed at the harsh sound of the voice. She did not squeal, or faint. She just stood, quivering, and did not answer.
                  “I heard you speak earlier today, so now you’re just being rude. I didn’t mean for you to get hurt.” 
Her eyes leapt up, glinting with green fire.
                  “If you didn’t intend to hurt me why did you kidnap me? Be true to your word and let me go.”  

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Photo-a-day || February 14-20

by Bethany

A cup of tea on a relaxing day. 
Saturdays are laundry days and time to catch up on studying.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Into Thornwood || Chapter Six

By Becca 

Chapter Six

            “So, you’re telling me that your sister was kidnapped by a giant automaton?” The policemen’s carefully waxed mustache seemed to sneer at Dax.
                  “Yes, sir. ”
                  “And this automaton lives in Thornwood?”
                  “That’s what I said.” Dax imagined Cecile bleeding out in the marble hall.
                  “I told you boys, no own has lived in Thornwood for years, metal or otherwise. A nasty fire broke out five years past and killed the whole Eilert family. There only was the three of them, all crazy as loons.”
Frank spoke up, “But we deliver groceries there each month.”
The policeman was exasperated. “They probably didn’t cancel the order because they are all dead! Now are you going to leave nice and quiet like, or I am going to have to throw you into a holding cell to sleep it off?”
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