Wednesday, August 28, 2013

House Warming

  We have finished the dollhouse!!!

    After long hours of sewing, glueing, painting, crocheting, gathering minuscule objects to fill the house with, and lots more glueing, it is finally completed!


Here's a before picture of the entire house.

The finished product.

Note: the scale of the house is 1/12, meaning 1ft = 1in.

We shall start the tour on the main floor. 

Welcome to the kitchen!

Chia seeds, Lemon Pepper, and Caraway seeds fill the tiny glass bottles above the stove.

Moving on to the Parlor…

Gwendolyn is very diligent at practicing.  :)

Man of the house.

Because of the angle of the wall in this room, the lovely family portrait Becca made, the stuffed pheasant, and the fireplace are all only visible from the window. That's why the picture is blurry along the side.

Shall we go upstairs?

There is actually some very nice little stairs tucked away in the back corner, and you can see the railing in the background of this picture.

That little glass jar is filled with bath salts.

Perfume bottles made from beads, little soaps, and fluffy towels fill the shelves.

Continuing, we enter the Master Bedroom.

I (Beth) made the bed frame with wood beads and wire. It is supposed to imitate the look of an old-fashioned spool bed. (you can google that to see pictures)

The little cameo on the dresser is from a clip on earring that was missing its match.

Now we will go to the last room, the nursery. (Also known as Gwendolyn and Robespierre's bedroom)

The bed canopy was made with a simple frame of cardboard covered in fabric.

Isn't the collection of toys neat? The book covers are copies of actual Victorian children's books.

Gwendolyn's reading nook.

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. A tedious job...well done...looks wonderful!!

  2. Beautiful! You guys did an awesome job and it was really fun to see the work in progress. :)

  3. Oh that is wonderful!!!! I love how you did the rooms! It is so lovely!! I especially love the bedrooms and the kitchen.

  4. Thanks! it was a fun project to work on and gave us some good experience if we ever want to try it again.

  5. Looks so cute and real! I especially like the dishes and spice jars in the kitchen. What are the titles of those books in the nursery? Just curious :) ~ Keturah

  6. In the picture of the shelf, the first one is "Pretty Polly", second is "Told by the Sunbeams and Me", third is "Four Footed Lovers" (with a picture of a rabbit) and the last is "Cinderella and the Glass Slipper"

  7. Thanks:) I'm crazy about old books:) ~ Keturah

  8. The whole project was wonderful! We loved the family portrait over the fireplace. You guys did an awesome job!.

  9. WOW!!!! That is AMAZING!!!!! You guys did an AMAZING job!!!!!


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