Sunday, March 31, 2013

Christ The Lord Has Risen Today

Happy Easter!

 Look at those cute little happy bunnies… I wish we could say we had cute little bunnies but alas, we do not. We are sorry to raise your hopes up for yet another false alarm  :(  Yes, there is a minuscule chance of babies being born tonight or tomorrow, but today is day 32, which means probably not.
Whoever started the saying "Multiply like rabbits" must not have ever tried breeding them.

    Anyhow, enough of our own disappointment. Easter isn't about rabbits, chicks, or jellybeans (By the way, have you had any of those "spice drops"? They look like normal jellybeans, but they're not. Stay away from the purple ones, they're not grape flavored!!)

Here is the real reason for Easter:

 On the first day of the week, very early in the morning, the women took the spices they had prepared and went to the tomb. They found the stone rolled away from the tomb, but when they entered they didn't not find the body of the Lord Jesus. While they where wondering about this, suddenly two men in clothes that gleamed like lightning stood beside them. In their fright the women bowed down with their faces to the ground, but the men said to them, 
"Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; He had risen! Remember how He told you, while He was still with you in Galilee: The Son of Man must delivered into the hands of sinful men, be crucified and on the third day be raised again."
Then they remembered His words.
Luke 24:1-8

Friday, March 29, 2013

Stormy & Rosie's Countdown, Day 30

                                                 Stormy was being shy this morning :)

        Her nest has lost its roof from all her going in and out. But she has started lining it with fur.

 Here is Rosie. She would not sit still this morning for me! She kept running back and forth, hopping on top of the nest box, going in the nest box, and trying to do binkies in the small space she has. I think she has spring fever :)  But with all her energy, she hasn't done anything with her nest. It just gets flatter and flatter…
One more day to go! 
We should have happy news tomorrow, at least by mid morning. So keep checking in!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Stormy & Rosie's Countdown, Day 29

 As I went out to the garage to take update pictures this morning, I was greeted by a chorus of bird songs. The air was crisp, but today's forecast predicts a high of around 40 degrees. Hurray!

 Even with snow drifts around the house, it is starting to feel like spring, and what says spring more then baby rabbits?

Two days to go!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Stormy and Rosie's Count Down, Day 28

Well, it's that time again.
With the nest boxes in place we hopefully await the arrival of the little bunnies :)

Stormy, the experienced mother, relaxes in her nest box.

And next door, Rosie hops down from the roof of her nest box to say "hello"

We've never really had two litters at the same time, well… there was Julie's litter with Steve McGee, but that doesn't count as we fostered him into Stormy's litter a few hours after he was born.
But it's interesting to see the two Mamas going about things differently, for example...

Stormy has a beautiful nest prepared, it reminds us of a Hobbit Hole : )

Looks cozy, doesn't it?
Rosie, on the other hand, hasn't made anything quite as nice… her construction is mostly



Now what's up with that?

Come on Rosie, there's only three days left!

Maybe you need some advice from Stormy…

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Clever Bunnies Redesigned


    We've been doing some messing around with the blog (as you can probably tell), and making it more personalized to us and our style. We even hand embroidered the title of our blog for the header and Becca took a bunch of lovely pictures for it too.
                                              So…… What do you think?

      Let us know in a comment! We love hearing from our readers and appreciate your feedback.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Meet Simon

By Bethany

       This is Simon, our darling Castor buck. He is one of our sweetest rabbits, and is quite a doll. He is also our newest rabbit, and the replacement for Oreo (may he rest in peace). We bought him at a pet store, and payed an inflated pet store price for him, but we were in dire need of a another good buck before spring, and he has been worth it.
  He is a very happy rabbit, and it isn't rare to see him doing binkies in his hutch. He doesn't mind a hug every so often, and likes to be snuggled as long as he isn't in a hyper mood.  :)

  This picture is from the first day we got Simon, and he is enjoying the fenced in area we have around the rabbit hutches. He was about 3 months old then, so was almost full grown. He is a handsome little rabbit, but he wouldn't be considered "show quality", as his fur isn't as thick and plushy as it should be. His best traits are his beautiful color and endearing personality,  which we hope will be passed down to his children who are due in about two weeks.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Millie's Mistake (a story)

By Bethany

   June, 1923.

  "Mildred, you told Mr. and Mrs. Wallace that you would watch their baby for them tonight while they go to the dinner party, didn't you?" Mrs. Conroy came into the kitchen where her 14 year old daughter was sitting at the table.
  Millie slapped her hand to her forehead and groaned "Oh no!"
 "Dear, don't be so melodramatic," Mrs. Conroy stopped a moment, remembering something "Was there someone at the door? I thought I heard something as I came downstairs"
 "Oh! How could I have forgotten?" Millie moaned again "That was Mrs. Anderson who just left. She came over to ask if I would watch Peter and Jeremy because she and her husband are going to the party too, and I said yes! How could I have forgotten about the Wallace's baby?"
  Her mother looked down at her "Well, what are you going to do? You can't cancel on the Wallace's, your responsibility is to them, since they asked you first"
"I know! But Mrs. Anderson was so glad when I said yes because she said she couldn't find any one else available!"
"You mean willing to" Mildred's older brother Alistair came into the kitchen. "Pete and Jeremy are so rambunctious, I’m not surprised"
 "Please don't call me that" Alice was a nickname Alistair had received from the boys at the school he used to go to, and when his sister found out about it, she insisted on using it also.   "But Alice, if you watch the Anderson's boys, I can watch the Wallace baby and everyone will be happy!"
  Alistair raised his eyebrows "Happy?"
  "Oh would you? I'll never do anything like this again, and Peter and Jeremy love you!"    "Love me? You mean they love ambushing me from the bushes when I'm coming home from work, climbing on me, and begging me to give them rides on my bicycle. And I can't say I return the same fondness"
 Alistair looked down into his sister's big brown eyes.
  "I can't believe I'm saying this, but…" 
 "Oh thank you! And like I said, I'll never double book again, and you'll never have to help me…"  
"I'll hold you to your word on that"
    Millie stood up and gave her big brother a hug, and Mrs. Conroy smiled.    "That is very kind of you to help your sister Alistair" 
 "Don't thank me yet, see if I survive the night first"

 Alistair walked up the steps onto the grand front porch, then across to the entrance. All the houses in this neighborhood were built in the Victorian period, and most of their occupants were quite well to do. In fact, the Conroys felt out of place amongst the stately homes and wealthy people. They had been living in an apartment in Chicago, until Mr. Conroy received a letter, stating that a great uncle of his had died, and left him his house, and what was left of his money, since he had no closer relatives to bequeath it to. So the Conroy's packed up their things and moved to a wealthy railroad town in Iowa. When they got there, they found that the uncle did not have much money left, and his house, though very large and beautiful, had not been kept up as it should have been. Nevertheless, the Conroy's moved in, and their first summer in town was spent painting, trimming back over-grown foliage, and giving everything an overall cleaning. Mr. Conroy found a good job in town, and the children were welcomed into the local school. Once the women of the neighborhood found out about Mildred's skill with child care, she was never without requests for watching their children.
  Alistair rang the door bell and waited, hearing the bell echo through the house. A minute later Mrs. Anderson answered the door. She was in her mid thirties, her hair cut stylishly short and set in waves, and she was dressed for the dinner party, her gown also in the latest style. She ushered Alistair into the entryway.
  "Hello Alistair, I was expecting your sister, is she unable to come?"
  "Yes mam, but she sent me instead. Millie had forgotten about a previous plan she had made"
  "Oh, well I'm grateful for anyone, I'm sure the boys will be excited to find out that you have come"
  "Yes mam,"
  "If you'll just follow me, the boys are in the nursery playing"
Just then, a blur slid down the stair railing and ran into the parlor.
  "Well, they were in the nursery…"

 Mildred came home late, around 11:00pm; her brother was still at the Anderson's. Mr. and Mrs. Conroy were sitting up in the parlor, waiting for their children to come home.       
 "Oh mother!" Mildred came bursting through the door "The Wallace's baby is such a doll! His name in Henry, and he was so well behaved! He never cried, and when I laid him down to sleep, he was a little angel and didn't fuss at all!"
  "That's good to hear that your time went well!" her mother smiled.
  "Is Alice home yet?"
  "No, but he should be soon" as soon as Mrs. Conroy said that, Alistair came in, closed the front door, then sat down heavily on the davenport besides his father. His light brown hair was disheveled, his shirt was un- tucked, and he looked completely drained of energy.
  "How was your evening?" Millie asked
  Alistair looked at his sister.
 "I spent the evening with Pete and Jeremy Anderson, do you really have to ask?"
  "I don't know what you do with them, when I watch them they are quite well behaved!"
  "What do you do with them? Tie them up and lock them in a closet?"
  "No! Of course not... So, what happened?"
   "Well, when I got there, they were playing a war game of some sort. So as soon as their mother and father left, they decided to take me prisoner. I spent the first half hour trying to get out of an upstairs room they locked me in. I have to go back tomorrow to fix the door. Because I kind of had to..."
  "You broke down the door!?" Millie interjected.
   "Well it was that or jump out of a second story window! Actually, I just took the door out of the frame by unscrewing the hinges with my jackknife, but I still have to go back and fix it"
  "Alright, what happened next?"
 "I gave them a pretty stern talking to, and everything went better until closer to their bedtime..."
  "Well, there were a few troubles because of bath time, but..." he sighed "Getting them into bed was the worst of all"
  "Why? All you have to do as read them a few stories, and they'll go right to sleep" Millie said.
  Alistair laughed in disbelief "Ha! I couldn't get them to hold still for a minute, let alone read them an entire book. Anyways, after chasing them around the house for an hour, and trying to get them into their pajamas..."
  "Couldn't you have just told them to do that?"
  "They don't listen, and they don't take me seriously! Finally, I had them tired out enough that they put their pajamas on and crawled into their beds, but after that it was, "I need a drink of water", or, "I have to go to the bathroom", or "Pete hit me!", or "Jeremy poked me in the eye!". They both sleep in the nursery, so every time I would close their door, they'd run out of bed and start wrestling with each other. Up until right before their parents came home so that when they peeked in on them, they saw two little sleeping angels, and wondered why I looked like I had spent the night fighting the Revolutionary War!"
   He yawned "I better hit the sack before I collapse into a comatose sleep on the sofa" 
  Alistair headed up stairs to his bedroom, and Millie followed.
   "Was it really that bad?" Millie said, concerned.
   "No, I was exaggerating slightly, but only slightly mind you. Let's just say, next time I watch the Wallace baby?"
    "You mean, you would help me baby-sit again?"
    "Did I say that? I think I'll leave the child watching to you from now on"
    "Alright" Millie laughed "I am, very grateful for what you did though"
    "You better be! Just kidding, that's what big brothers are for right? Helping out their little sisters?"
    "Good night!"
    "Good night"
    "I love you Alice"
     "I love you too little sis, but don't call me Alice"


Thursday, March 7, 2013


AKA Homemade Fruit-on-the-bottom Yogurt

By Becca

This a recipe that our family absolutely loves! 

What you need:

Two quarts of plain greek yogurt

Thickened fruit

What you do:

 The greek yogurt is really quite simple, its just a fancy name for strained yogurt.
Our setup
What I do is start with four quarts of our homemade yogurt. When strained it condenses to about two quarts.

To strain the yogurt, I use a clean cheese cloth, a colander, and a bowl to catch the whey. Line the colander with the cheese cloth and place the bowl under the colander. Depending on the size of your colander you may not be able to fit all four quarts in at once, that's okay.  Pour in as much yogurt as fits, and after it strains for a while you should be able to add the rest.
 Let it drain until you like the thickness of the yogurt, then put the strained yogurt in a bowl and add sweetener and vanilla to taste.
But don't throw out the whey! It can be used for a plethera of things.

For the thickened fruit I start with:
3 cups of your chosen fruit, fresh or frozen
1/8 to a 1/4 cup of water ( depending on how juicy the fruit is)
2 teaspoons of Arrowroot powder
Optional: sweetener to taste

In a saucepan, stir together the fruit, water and arrowroot powder over medium heat. The mixture should be cloudy and as the Arrowroot powder cooks, it will thicken and turn clear.
When that happens, take the pan off the heat and let it cool.


For the yogurt cups we use jelly jars. The last batch filled 12 jars but will vary depending on how much you fill them and how much you strained the yogurt.
 I used a cookie scoop to measure the fruit, and an ice cream scoop for the yogurt.
Three scoops of fruit and two scoops of yogurt worked well for us, having a little fruit left over.
Keep in the fridge and enjoy!

I'd tell you how long they last but frankly I don't know, our family eats them all within a few days :)

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