Sunday, March 31, 2013

Christ The Lord Has Risen Today

Happy Easter!

 Look at those cute little happy bunnies… I wish we could say we had cute little bunnies but alas, we do not. We are sorry to raise your hopes up for yet another false alarm  :(  Yes, there is a minuscule chance of babies being born tonight or tomorrow, but today is day 32, which means probably not.
Whoever started the saying "Multiply like rabbits" must not have ever tried breeding them.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Stormy & Rosie's Countdown, Day 30

                                                 Stormy was being shy this morning :)

        Her nest has lost its roof from all her going in and out. But she has started lining it with fur.

 Here is Rosie. She would not sit still this morning for me! She kept running back and forth, hopping on top of the nest box, going in the nest box, and trying to do binkies in the small space she has. I think she has spring fever :)  But with all her energy, she hasn't done anything with her nest. It just gets flatter and flatter…
One more day to go! 
We should have happy news tomorrow, at least by mid morning. So keep checking in!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Stormy & Rosie's Countdown, Day 29

 As I went out to the garage to take update pictures this morning, I was greeted by a chorus of bird songs. The air was crisp, but today's forecast predicts a high of around 40 degrees. Hurray!

 Even with snow drifts around the house, it is starting to feel like spring, and what says spring more then baby rabbits?

Two days to go!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Stormy and Rosie's Count Down, Day 28

Well, it's that time again.
With the nest boxes in place we hopefully await the arrival of the little bunnies :)

Stormy, the experienced mother, relaxes in her nest box.

And next door, Rosie hops down from the roof of her nest box to say "hello"

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Clever Bunnies Redesigned


    We've been doing some messing around with the blog (as you can probably tell), and making it more personalized to us and our style. We even hand embroidered the title of our blog for the header and Becca took a bunch of lovely pictures for it too.
                                              So…… What do you think?

      Let us know in a comment! We love hearing from our readers and appreciate your feedback.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Meet Simon

By Bethany

       This is Simon, our darling Castor buck. He is one of our sweetest rabbits, and is quite a doll. He is also our newest rabbit, and the replacement for Oreo (may he rest in peace). We bought him at a pet store, and payed an inflated pet store price for him, but we were in dire need of a another good buck before spring, and he has been worth it.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Millie's Mistake (a story)

By Bethany

   June, 1923.

  "Mildred, you told Mr. and Mrs. Wallace that you would watch their baby for them tonight while they go to the dinner party, didn't you?" Mrs. Conroy came into the kitchen where her 14 year old daughter was sitting at the table.
  Millie slapped her hand to her forehead and groaned "Oh no!"
 "Dear, don't be so melodramatic," Mrs. Conroy stopped a moment, remembering something "Was there someone at the door? I thought I heard something as I came downstairs"
 "Oh! How could I have forgotten?" Millie moaned again "That was Mrs. Anderson who just left. She came over to ask if I would watch Peter and Jeremy because she and her husband are going to the party too, and I said yes! How could I have forgotten about the Wallace's baby?"

Thursday, March 7, 2013


AKA Homemade Fruit-on-the-bottom Yogurt

By Becca

This a recipe that our family absolutely loves! 

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