Friday, July 21, 2017

"It's Not Over Yet"

Here is a random picture of a newly shed cicada. The campers named it Jordan. :)

Our assistant director at camp this week, who's name was Shawn (but he wasn't my Shawn :) ), was in charge of keeping things on schedule and ringing the bell to let the kids know when different things were supposed to start.

I hadn't really wanted my Shawn to come along to camp this past Sunday, because it had been a busy weekend, and I wanted him to have some time to rest before jumping into another week of work. But he asked me to check and see if there was any projects that needed to be done at camp, and there was,  so he came. :)

While kids were registering and settling in, the other Shawn came up to us and asked if we knew of anywhere he could get a watch, because he didn't have one with him, but keeping track of the time was a big part of his job.

Friday, July 14, 2017

So Far, So Great!

This song is probably the kid's favorite at School's Out.
It was one of the songs I taught them on my first week, with motions too - and the next day two of the girls were trying to sing it and asked me to help them with the words. That was so neat!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

High, Low, Buffalo

High, low, buffalo is a sort of game we play at the end of camp day where the kids in our dorm can share their highs, lows, and something funny from the day.

It was Junior A camp this week, the shortest one, only 48 hours long, and with the youngest age group.  Instead of my usual role as a dorm leader, I was support staff, helping lead music, and cleaning, and other odd jobs.

Here's my high, low, and buffalo of the past few days.

Getting to play music with two other girls, one helped sing and the other played the piano.

Thursday was hot. Like really hot- 95 degrees, and humid.

While sweeping the girls bathroom yesterday morning, half of my dust pile kept jumping away. Crickets, crickets everywhere.

Thats all for now!

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