Friday, May 12, 2017

The Door in the Wall

(some of you may recognize that as a book title, but that book has nothing to do with this post) :)

A peaceful morning at camp....until the work crew comes for the day.

See that door? It was just a wall yesterday morning. Well, the frame had been built when the building was, but until now, it's been hidden in the wall. This is the staff building at camp, by the way. The upstairs is the director's apartment, and I've been staying in the lower level.

But, when the balcony is finished, they're going to switch that door out for one with a window, which will bring some much needed light into the living space up there.

It's pretty exciting to see progress being made here at camp, even in the small things like sorting through seemingly endless cans of fruits and veggies and getting the pantry organized. :)

(that was my afternoon yesterday)

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