Friday, May 5, 2017

Answered Prayer!

Yes, fudge bars. 

Yes I prayed for fudge bars. 

Today was crazy, really was. Nothing terribly bad, just a lot of crazy. 

I could tell you all about the seven field trips that were at the museum today, and the events that followed... but that is a very long story. 

So, we'll fast forward the ride home. 

I told myself, this morning, that I was going to buy fudge bars, and I actually remembered that by the end of the day! So, I pulled into the parking lot of our Dollar General. Got out, and then thought to check to see how much money I had.... two dollar bills and a unknown amount in the coin purse.

Well, hope that'll be enough. 

Turns out they didn't even have fudge bars - and the ice cream they did have was closer to 4 bucks. 

So, on to the trusty grocery store. 
On the way I said something along the lines of "Dear God, this is pretty stupid, but I really was hoping to get fudge bars. Please, I'd love it if there are some at the store, and that I'd have enough money for them. Thank you that fudge bars exist, they're really good."

And God answers prayer! 

So, it was just really really nice to know that God gives us so much - even the little silly wishes we have.

I thought that was pretty nice.  😊


  1. It's great to be reminded that God cares so much for us, even in the small things!

  2. I like it! God is so kind to give us even little things that remind us of His love! :)


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