Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Late o clock :P

Yep - this sheet is all I had planned. We managed to fill 2+ hours with (mostly) focused discussion and study!😀 

Bible Study happened tonight! As it happens every last Tuesday of the month. 
It went well, and I managed to fill our time - and more - despite my lack of preparation. 
I am constantly amazed at God's living word. Even though I didn't plan all I was going to say, simply have my verse references and a general lesson theme - God speaks through His word!

Praise the Lord!

( I don't recommend being unprepared. But tonight I was more unscripted then usual. Even so, we got to talk about a lot of important things I couldn't have planned.... So, yeah. Get in God's Word!!!)  

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  1. It's amazing how God works through us, even if we're unprepared.


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