Monday, June 19, 2017

Teapot Troubles...

One project I have to work on this summer is planing Bethany's Bridal shower! 
Fun fun :) 

Along with the decorations and food and other fun things to be found on Pinterest, I needed to figure out the invitations. 

Then I found this beauty. 

So darling! So classy! 
Not perfectly "Beth" though, but it was a great start. 

Also it's currently unavailable on it's Etsy page. 

So what's a clever bunny to do? 😏

Well, as an amateur graphic artist, this clever bunny decides to make her own invitation. 😛

It shouldn't be too hard, I mean, just find a teapot graphic and I should be all set - 


Finding a silhouetted teapot with a high enough resolution for free..... was just not happening.

So maybe one of these could be made to work.....

Eh, I'm making this too hard.
Then it dawned upon me - ridiculously late - that I could draw my own! 


Artist powers activate! 

Is drawing a teapot at.... 10:30 at night unusual?

I'm thrilled that it looks like a teapot, and throw it into PicMonkey.

I don't know if you want all the details of how I got this. 
Do you? ( Tell me in the comments, I'll try to do a tutorial ) 

Got the teapot, now for the invite stuff. 

I love the update that allows you to curve text!! So happy! 😀
At about 11:00 at night let me tell you I was feeling pretty pleased with this. 
I sent it off to Mom and Beth for their praise and approval. 😝

And got.... some constructive criticism. 
I'm still learning how to take that humbly, but the first thought is aways:

 " Noooooo! You're just supposed to say 'it's perfect and beautiful and expertly designed!'" not - 

"Is it too late to give shading advise?" 

Thanks Mom... 😏

It was getting quite late at that time. I gave it a break, and fresh eyes the next day is never a bad thing. 
Looking at it again, I could see what she meant. I knew it could be improved. 

So I tried to shade it thoroughly, knowing the darkest parts would be the whitest once it was changed. 
I also fattened it up around the bottom, more room for text that way. 

Again to the Monkee mobile! 

I mean, to PicMonkey! 

Did a few other things to this one - again, wanna know details?

 I really liked how this one turned out. 
Just shows that there is always room for improvement. 😉

Then, for some options, I tried a different layout - so the details of the gathering could fit on the front. 

Turns out the last one was the best one. 
( at least I think it is 😊) 

I feel like there's a lesson here... 😏

Well, I hope you guys enjoy some of my creative antics! 
And maybe were inspired to draw some of your own " clip art "

Would you like more of a tutorial on this? 
Just let me know! 

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  1. Lovely! A tutorial would be fun to see :D I'm afraid my first thought when I receive criticism is also "No! It's perfect! Tell me how cool I am!" but it's gotten better over time (at least, I think it has??? I hope it has!)


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