Monday, June 26, 2017

Fly Creek

giant "rocking chair" that didn't rock. 

Yummy apple cider ginger ale float.
My hair is doing a weird flip thing, I got wings 😝
Hungry and well trained ducks and geese.
 The baby geese were big but had fuzzy heads and made baby sounds.
More ducks. 
Fly Creek is a... well a cider mill and orchard turned attraction I guess. It was a pretty drive to get there, so many trees and old houses and rolling hills. They had a huge gift shop with lots of food novelties, toys, kitchen things, cider and more. They had a kids play area, and a "snack barn" where we got our ice cream, and the duck pond out back. 
A fun place to visit - they also have very comfortable rocking chairs. 😊

Photos by Mémêre 


  1. I've also started a new blog with a random idea I've had

  2. I like the giant rocking chair! I don't know why, but giant furniture always makes me happy.

  3. Looks cool!

    And you're so pretty Becca. ;-)


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