Monday, June 5, 2017

"Adventure is out there!"

My car got a little muddy today.

On our way back from the town we did VBS in this morning, we were just about to camp and we looked ahead to see a train across the road of our last turn. Not only that, but the train was stopped.

We weren't in a big rush, but we didn't want to just sit there waiting for a train we didn't know how long would be there.

So, we decided to find an alternate route to camp. :)

We knew there had to be some gravel roads, so I kept driving, and soon we found a road to turn down.

After a little ways, it split off two ways, and the road going our direction was minimum maintenance. It looked alright though.

There was a semi truck on it, backing up, but I drove around it, and we continued on our adventure.

This little dirt road went up and down over some hills, but when we reached the lowest part, we saw why the semi had backed up.....

It was muddy, and someone had driven through, leaving a trail of deep ruts through the mud, something the semi must not have wanted to venture through.

What should we do?
Turn around?
Go for it?

We went for it.

Dennis, our team leader, prayed as I started driving again, and gave me the encouragement of "What's the worst that can happen? We can all get out and push if we have to."

Thankfully, we didn't have to. God got us through, even though there was a couple times my wheels were spinning a little.

Back on dry road, we made it back to camp to see that the train was still sitting there, so our out of the way trek was not in vain. :)

It's always fun to have a little adventure. 

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