Monday, June 12, 2017

It looks like I'm not in the Midwest anymore....


(Becca here) 

There have been a few big changes I hadn't mentioned on the blog yet.

One, I left my lovely job at the Children's Museum. ( Had I ever mentioned that I worked there?) 

Two, I flew all by myself for the very first time!!! ( Like in a plane, like far away ) Scary! Not really... 

Three, I now live at a magical place called Memere's House. 
(Memere is french for Grandma) 
She's Mom's Mom. 

I'll be here pretty much all summer. Got a job lined up, and gonna meet people, and have adventures,  and spend time with the oodles of extended family that live up here too. 

So yeah. 😏

Gonna be fun! 

She goes to a much bigger church then mine, so new experience. There are actually people near my age there! ( scary! ) 😜 Just kidding. It'll all take some getting used too. 

Also, Memere walks 7 miles in the morning. Yikes! Did that today. Didn't die! Yay!

I will keep blogging - should've posted Saturday, but that was the day I flew in. So, I know you'd understand. 😊

Ummm.... picture. Should do a picture....

View off Memere's deck
Sculpture my Uncle made! He's artsy too .😜  We've been moving it around to find the perfect spot...
He's also making a dragon! 
I can make sun tea here too! Yay! 
So, now you know. Both of the Clever Bunnies are... adventuring "abroad"?
I feel like the young lady in those classic novels who gets to travel with a Grandmother or Aunt. Another great way to find "adventure". 


  1. Oh, it sounds like you have an adventurous summer ahead! :) Your Memere sounds like a neat person and she has a lovely home.

  2. Oh, so neat, Becca! I am so glad you are getting to travel. Many young girls do not get that privilege.... at least girls like us ;) And wow.. I love that Jane Austen quote.. I keep seeing so many.. I think that may be a sign that I need to read her books or something. I keep meaning to read her stuff.. life is just so busy! Have fun! And can't wait to hear more about your summer!


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