Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring Break 2015

Don't worry, we haven't fallen off the planet, we've only been on Spring Break!

Classes have been going swimmingly, but after midterms and special lectures, Becca and I were very thankful for a week to go home.

Besides seeing Mum and Dad, we also got to see lots of church family and friends, and do some other fun things.

Monday, amongst visiting people, we also visited...



This little gal is actually from Jellybean (Zoey in this litter) and Pitch/Khan.


and lambs!

We love animals and always have some sort furry thing to hug, but at school we have been deprived of little animals and needed a fuzzy fix.  :)

Tuesday we were able to see some more friends, and spend the evening with some of our home school group.  They had asked us before we left for school to report back what "normal" people are like, but we had to tell them we haven't found any. :)

As our friends and us like to say at school...

Is anyone really "normal" anyway?

Wednesday our dad took off from work, and we had a day out, picking up some things we needed, and some other odds and ends, like...

We played a pirate version at school, then remembered seeing a space version at a game shop near home. It has elements from Star Trek, Star Wars, 2001 Space Odyssey, Firefly, even Doctor Who!

We also visited the local humane society and met Kevin Bacon....

the cat.

He was very handsome, and friendly. :) I have no clue how he got that name.

We also had the pleasure of viewing the new Cinderella movie this week, which was quite lovely.

So, after this weekend it's back to school, but there's some exciting things coming up that we'll have to share when the time comes. 

Which may have something to do with this :)
 And maybe, just maybe, I can get better at doing a photo-a-day update post each week. :)


P.S.  I've updated my story on Snippets, so "What Thou Need'st" is now free! Also, if you have any questions about using that site, feel free to ask, and I love hearing feedback.
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  1. Happy spring break! :D I'm glad you got to visit family, friends, and of course, fuzzy's quite important! ;) :)

  2. That game sounds like my dream come true! I love scif-fi! :)

  3. Bunnies! Cool. :-)

    Such a good picture with Becca and the lamb, wow. (Sometimes I have trouble telling y'all apart, BTW, which prob sounds funny to YOU, but I sometimes have a problem if faces are too similar. :-P)

    Now *I* want to hold a lamb too!! Grr.

  4. Glad to see another post!!!! Hope your story gets lots of downloads!!! And I am hoping to see Cinderella soon!!!! How was the Frozen sequal? Ooh, that last pic looks intruguing!!

  5. I'm glad you had a great spring break and got to see family and friends (both human and not)! (And now I have White Christmas music stuck in my head)


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