Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rainy Afternoon...

By Becca

We had a lovely little notion. We had seen pictures of baby animals in teacups and they were adorable.
 So we thought; what could be better on a rainy afternoon than to shove fat baby rabbits into teacups?
Well it sounded fun, and I was certain that they would fit nicely.

Four pretty teacups for four cute bunnies :)

But it didn't work quite as I had hoped….

Now we know that 2.5 week old rabbits do not fit nicely in teacups.
We were not defeated that easily… Beth thought of something else that might work.

The cereal bowl was still too small.
So, she got a bigger bowl.

 That one was nice. So nice, that I thought maybe two would fit.

 That got a bit too snug. Then Beth got her biggest bowl out and we filled it up.

It only held three.
 Are these guys chunks or what?
Well, we abandoned the idea of putting the babies in containers and then checked to find out the babies gender. 2.5 weeks is a pretty good time to tell.
Now it's official… 
We have one boy and three girls, and they are…




& Zoe

Group picture!

It's a little sad to think that in 1.5 weeks they will be weaned and ready to go…
Mandy was already jumping out of the nest box this afternoon, they grow up so fast.

Keep checking in for more cuteness!

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