Saturday, April 5, 2014

1 Top 3 Days | Day 3

Well, if it isn't cold out here on the prairie, it's windy.

Pink button-up: free
Leather coat: gifted
"Allons-y!" t-shirt: Red Bubble
Braided belt: Maurice's
Skirt: thrifted
Converse sneakers: gifted
Owl necklace: Vanity

This outfit has a definite Doctor Who theme. :)
The coat, the high-tops (not quite the right color, though), and my favorite DW t-shirt all remind me of the 10th doctor.

I love this long leather coat. It used to belong to the librarian I work for, but she passed it on to me. Thanks, Pam!

(My turn!)

This might be my favorite outfit yet! : )
The skirt is actually a vintage petticoat I found at a thrift store.
I love wearing it under dresses that need a little more length.
It adds such cute detail and volume to otherwise simple silhouette.
Today I took a chance and wore it on the outside.

Pink button up: thrifted
Brown belt: Vanity
Petticoat skirt: thrifted
Boots: ModCloth 

Thanks again to the lovely ladies hosting this challenge!

Becca and I had such a fun time participating, and seeing all the fun outfits that others put together too.
It was exciting to see how versatile such a simple piece of clothing could be!


  1. Great day 3 outfits! Bethany, the gems in your owl necklace go great with your tee, and I love the bright pink button down over the dark shirt! Becca, your outfit give a cute cowgirl vibe. I love the detail photo of your skirt/petticoat :)

  2. The petticoat looks pretty enough to wear without a dress, I love frills like that. I like the pleated details of the top. I think this is my favorite outfit of all the days because it is so super frilly and that is my fav!

    1. Thanks Livia! I love ruffles and lace, it was so fun putting that outfit together!

  3. Fun outfits ladies! :) Becca, your skirt is beautiful!

  4. Beautiful outfits for all three days! I love the brown coat.

    1. Thanks, Abbey! That's my new favorite coat, I just need a sonic screwdriver to go with it. :)

  5. Ah HA! I KNEW that had to be a Doctor Who themed outfit when I saw it! (I saw the "Allons-y" t-shirt AFTER I read your comments) I LOVE IT!!!! :D Loving both of the outfits! :D


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