Thursday, April 3, 2014

1 Top 3 Days | Day 1

Becca and I were going to do this challenge together, but somehow it just ended up being me today.
(She may jump in tomorrow)

here goes!

Even though it's April, it doesn't look much like Spring around here. 
Between snow, and rain that turns into snow, everything's been looking pretty gray.

When I went to the closet to find my favorite button down shirt, guess what color it was?


Well, I suppose I could have thought up some ways to brighten it up a bit, but I've been wearing a lot of gray this winter, and wanted something more Spring-like.

Then I remembered a bright pink button down I got the other day from a friend who was passing along some clothes.


Sweater: Herbergers (clearance)
Printed Jeans: Herbergers (clearance)
Button down shirt: Free
Converse sneakers: gifted
Owl necklace: Vanity

The button down isn't making much of a show in this outfit, but I like the pop of color it gives against the softer pink of the sweater.
Plus, I was very thankful for the warm sweater while taking pictures outside.
 It was a wee bit chilly. :)

Thank you to the hosts of this challenge:


  1. Very cute! Love your sweater, and even though I can't fully see your button down top, it looks super cute! Love that color! =D

  2. This is a cute outfit, Bethany! :) I like your sweater and the cute owl necklace.

  3. I really like the pop of color against the more muted tones! Great outfit!



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