Friday, April 4, 2014

1 Top 3 Days | Day 2

Becca did two outfits today to make up for yesterday.

Here's her first one!

Button up shirt: thrifted
Skirt: borrowed from Mom
Shoes: thrifted
Scarf: thrifted

This cute pink shirt was a recent find on our latest adventure.
It's Becca's favorite color: Dusty Rose.
Paired with a black pencil skirt, she looks like a cute little stewardess. :)

Outfit #2

Leather Jacket: Herbergers
Jeans: borrowed from Bethany
Boots: Modcloth

It was too cold for outside pictures, so we tidied our room up for a photo studio.
Becca's top looks just as cute with a more casual combination of blue jeans and a jacket. She restyled her scarf as a headband.

Skirt: thrifted
Belt: Vanity
Sandals: Maurices
Owl necklace: gifted

It was kind of strange that I was attracted to this skirt when I first saw it. I'm not usually one for wearing  bright colors, but I really liked the fun, retro pattern.
This button up went perfect with the bright pinks in the flower pattern in the skirt.

Another owl necklace!

I have a small collection of them, so I thought it would be fun to pair a different necklace with each outfit.

One day left!


  1. Beautiful outfits today as well! I really like how you both chose vintage and classy looking shirts that are still so different in design from one another! Can't wait to see what you both wear tomorrow :)


  2. Love the shots with the phone! You both have beautiful bedspreads and a lovely room (and nice outfits btw ;) )

  3. These are some *fabulous* outfits!


  4. Hurray for finding a skirt that coordinates so well with the shirt!
    Becca's outfits both look like something I would wear. :)

  5. Hello gals!

    I just found your blog via the challenge link up on our site, and I have to say, I love you two to pieces! You are both such fun, unique, and lovely young women! I am so excited to have found a duo who love vintage like my sisters and I! Then I saw your adorable bunnies while browsing your site—I used to want to raise those furry critters myself a few years ago, but the opportunity never presented itself. Anyhow, I LOVE rabbits, especially the breed you raise! They are so precious! I want you to know that I am really looking forward to following you lovelies, and can't wait to make friends with you both!

    I love day two the best of this challenge! So sad it's over though... We three hope to do another one sometime.

    Keep up the good work ladies!


    The eldest sister and singer

    1. Thank you so much! Becca and I have really enjoyed following you and your sister's blog, and this challenge was very fun. I'm so glad you stopped by!


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