Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Make Me a Blessing

This is a fun little hymn that we've always liked, but strayed away from singing because the chorus goes up pretty high. Well, all we needed to do was change the key, and there we had it!

It's a wonderful reminder of how we can use our daily lives to help others, and be an example of Christ's love

Make Me a Blessing has an interesting story behind it:

  George Shuler and Ira Wilson were roommates at Moody Bible Institute in 1924. 
       At the Institute, they combined their talents and gave the world a beautiful song of consecration, “Make Me A Blessing.” Wilson wrote the lyrics and Shuler the music.
       At first the song was rejected by music publishers, so Shuler had one thousand copies printed to distribute on his own. 
       One fell into the hands of George Dibble, an outstanding singer who was at that time music director for the International Sunday School Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. Dibble asked for permission to use the song and it was granted. Soon people everywhere were singing the song, and publishers were wanting to distribute copies.
       Between the time Ira Wilson wrote the lyrics and the time the song began to be so well known, Wilson apparently forgot that he was the author!
       Until he died, he never remembered that he had written these famous words.
—Adapted from Lindsay Terry


  1. Thank you ladies! <3 ~L

  2. I think the comment box ate my comment, so I'm trying again...
    How crazy is it that at the same time this George and Ira were writing music and lyrics, George and Ira Gershwin were also writing music and lyrics? And both Georges wrote the music while both Iras wrote the lyrics!
    Beautiful as always. =)

    1. What a coincidence! That is really, really interesting!

  3. Pretty song :b that's funny he didn't remember writing the song!... Weird :b


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