Monday, October 27, 2014

Doctor Who Party || Food, Favors, and the Event

Thursday and Friday were busy with house cleaning and food prep for the big day on Saturday. Most things were easy to put together ahead of time, leaving only the finishing touches to complete Saturday morning.

We served Jammie Dodgers and tea when the guests arrived in the afternoon, and for supper we had pizza with Doctor Who themed cupcakes for dessert.

Our original idea for supper was fish and chips, but we found out that's a bit too complicated to make for a party. Although experimenting was tasty. :)

Jammie Dodgers were a blast to make, and we found a great recipe!

(Click picture to go to link)

We didn't get a picture of ours, because they were gobbled up. :)

We made a chicken garlic pizza, and a pan of these guys...

Pizza Daleks!
This is the picture from Pinterest, again, we forgot to take a picture of ours before they were gone.

Our cupcakes were also inspired by ideas we saw on Pinterest, but we did alter a few things

For the Daleks, it's just a simple chocolate cupcake base, and chocolate frosting. A Reece's peanut butter cup, with a pretzel stick eye stalk, made the head, and we found some very cool metallic sprinkles for the details.

Our galaxy cupcakes had a banana cupcake base (recipe here), because, "Always bring a banana to a party!". Cream cheese frosting, and lovely decorations done by Becca, completed them.

For party favors, we ordered Jelly Babies online, and made little packages to hand out at the end.

We had never tasted Jelly Babies before, but found them rather good, despite how different they are from gummy candy we have here in America.

We printed off Jelly Baby quotes from the Forth Doctor, who always carried a bag of them around in his pocket, and attached them to the favors.

Saturday morning we decorated the cupcakes, finished tiding the house, and got into our costumes.

It was so fun to see who our friends dressed up as!

From left to right: Amy Pond (Eve), Clara Oswald (Becca), and an Auton/Plastic Mannequin (Isaac).
 Our friend Havilah put her outfit together as a mixture of a bunch of different characters:
9-10-11-12-Amy-Rory-River Song-Captain Jack Harkness...and I think there's someone I'm forgetting. 
  Can you guess which character inspired her hair?

Then to finish off, we have the 10th Doctor (with his hair from the episode "Idiot's Lantern") (Liam), Nyssa (Bethany), and the 18th Doctor (Paul).

You haven't heard of the 18th Doctor before? Well, look out for him, because I think he's going to be pretty amazing. :)

We had to pay a visit to the baby bunnies first, which gave Becca some fun photo opportunities.

"It's going up my sleeve!"

Remind you of anything?

We're going to save our games and activities for the next post, so the last thing to share with you all is the episodes we watched!

We didn't want to spend the whole time in front of the television, but we let each guest chose a favorite episode which we wrote down and drew out of a hat...well, a mug, but you get the point.

The selections were:

Eve's: The Pandorica Opens
Paul's: A Town Called Mercy
Liam's: The Doctor's Daughter
Havilah's: Let's Kill Hitler
Isaac's (chosen because he hadn't seen it before): Idiot's Lantern
Becca's: Father's Day
Bethany's: Flatline

We wanted at least one episode from each restart Doctor, so Becca's, Liam's, and Bethany's choice were altered a bit by that. Otherwise, it would have been all episodes with Ten and Eleven.

The first episode drawn was Flatline.

Becca: "Woohoo!"

Isaac: "Yay, I chose the episode everyone wanted to see!"

 Since it had just aired last weekend, Becca and I were the only ones who had seen it before. It's one of our favorites with Twelve so far; a very brilliant episode!

"It's bigger on the inside!"
"I don't think that statement has ever been truer."

Next was Father's Day. Even though these were chosen at random, Becca and I thought is was funny that our choices were pulled out first.

After watching those two, we had a break for supper, and played a trivia game that brought up the episode "Idiot's Lantern". Isaac, who hadn't chosen an episode yet, asked for that one. So we wrote it down and added it to the cup.
Surprise, surprise, it was the next episode drawn!

Time was ticking down to the end of the party, and we could only watch one more episode. We'd seen Nine, Ten, and Twelve, so that just left Eleven.

We all decided it would be too confusing to drop Isaac, who's still in the first season, into an episode like "The Pandorica Opens", or "Let's Kill Hitler". I don't know why we didn't watch Paul's episode, "A Town Called Mercy" (sorry, Paul), but we all decided to watch "Eleventh Hour" next.

It wasn't until we were half way through the episode that we realized it was an hour and four minutes long, and we had to wrap things up in five minutes.

You'd  think the episode title would have given us a hint.

This is perfect in so many ways.
So we had to leave it as a cliff hanger, which was just what we were trying to avoid in picking it.

The finale of the evening will have to wait until the next post in our series.

But I'll give you a hint...


  1. *eyes hurting from not blinking*
    I'm not blinking!
    Wasn't flatline good?!?! I LOVED it and your costumes were perfection
    *still not blinking*
    and the fooooood! :D and I think her hair is based off River's?
    I have a new blog now.. please do check it out?

  2. Dalek pizzas! That's brilliant! And the cupcakes are adorable.
    You and your friends all had great costumes—I especially liked the guy dressed as Ten. He got the hair and the fluffy animal perfect.
    You guys watched some great episodes too! I love Father's Day and Idiot's Lantern. Now I want to go back and watch episodes from the first season.
    *winks at Weeping Angel to keep from blinking*


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