Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Doctor Who Party || Invitations

"Now, are you sitting comfortably? Good.Then we'll begin"
-The Wire, episode: Idiot's Lantern.

For quite some time, Becca and I have wanted to have a Doctor Who Party.

But we had a problem.

Most of our Whovian friends lived too far away, and our friends who lived nearby thought we were a bit daft for liking this British scifi show. Until they watched it for themselves, that is. 

Now that we had people to invite over, all there was left to do was set a date.
Well, and plan the party.

Type "Doctor Who Party" into Pinterest, and one gets bombarded with a myriad of different ideas. While we found some great things that way, Becca and I also had some pretty original ideas (if we do say so ourselves) so we have decided to do a little blog series on it!

As the post title states, first up is our invitations.

 We could have took the easy way out and just e-mailed our friends.

"Hey, we're going to have a DW party. Wanna come?"

But oh no, if we were going to do this right, these were going to be the coolest invites ever.

I thought that paper marbling would be the perfect medium to get that 'galaxy' look.
Here's how we did it.

We mixed the oil paints with paint thinner, to get a watery consistency.

Pour the paint mixture into a pan filled with water.


Drop your paper on, we used black for more of a space vibe.

Rinse the excess paint off in clean water.

Let it dry.

Each one will be unique, using different colors, swirling patterns and paints.
The one below I gave two layers of paint, just have fun with it!

 We printed little TARDIS' out on sticker paper and sent them flying off into space.  :)

For the inside of the card we wanted something really cool, so when we came upon this pin:

We said: "What a brilliant idea!"
Since the outside of our card was already decided, we just used the clever idea for the inside.
The link for a detailed paper folding tutorial did not come up, but Bethany figured it out and we'll show you how to do it. 

Start with an 8x8 piece of paper.

Fold in half, lengthwise, right side out.

Then fold both sides diagonally, right side in.

Next, fold your horizontal folds together.

Fold each corner in to the center.

And that's it!

Becca designed the invites, which we then printed out, folded, and attached inside our cards with a glue stick.

And we wouldn't be proper Whovians if we sent these out in ordinary envelopes.
They need to be TARDIS blue!

We were delighted to find the right shade of blue envelopes in Wal-Mart.

And instead of numbering the envelopes 
(which come to think of it, would've been very cool..)
we sealed each one the Seal of Rassilon. (Also very cool)

So, I believe that takes us to the end of this post. 

The next part in the series: Costumes! 
"We wear costumes now, costumes are cool!" 


  1. Dooooooweeeeeeeeeeeooooooooooooooh! XD
    This is SUPER amazing!! If only my friends who like DR Who were this keen on the beauty of the invitations!

    1. Thanks, they were really fun to put together!

  2. What a great idea for a party!! The invitations are out of this world! (Cue the booing audience.) I'm curious to know which Doctor Who episodes people chose as their favorites.

    1. Oh yes, we are very, very excited about this. :)

      We'll say the episodes people chose on our post about the party, so you'll find out soon.

  3. Sounds really fun...and like a lot of work!

  4. This looks great!! I am in love with all details and would love to use these brilliant ideas for my nephew’s birthday bash. We have reserved one of his favorite event venues in Los Angeles for the party and really hoping everyone likes my arrangements.


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