Friday, March 28, 2014

A Rather Busy Week...


My, it's been quite a while since we've posted.
  Let's see, Monday: Eye appointments and packing. Packing for what, you ask?
 A road trip to see a Jostie concert!

      We first found out about the Jost family through Natasha's blog.
Ever since, we've been enjoying their fun videos and music. 
  A few weeks ago, our mom saw on their tour schedule that they were coming to our state!
The town was about three hours away, so we decided to make a road trip out of it with some friends.

    Tuesday morning we headed out, stoping at a few little shops on the way (love a little shop!). We had a full afternoon exploring the town and going to some neat antique/thrift stores.

  The concert was at 7:00pm, and it was great! The music was so good, and we had a fun time visiting afterwards with some of the girls and the family that hosted the Josts.

We bought a copy of their new album!

The baby bunnies are 11 days old today!
Their eyes are open, and they are starting to get cute. :)

Our litter of four kits has shrunk to three. There was a little black one that didn't make it. :(

   These three however, are getting very round and fat.
 Mama Sarah Jane is doing a wonderful job caring for them. 

Other things we have been occupied with:

Prepping for Becca's graduation,

"Come on, Becca, smile!"
Mom: "You're such a nut."

Becca: "I wasn't doing it on purpose, I had hair in my mouth!"

"There we go! Lovely!"

Various projects,

 (more on these coming soon)

Dealing with a dead car battery, :(

 working on our room.

Eyelet and calico curtains

  Paper butterflies, 

 A snippet from the novelette I have been working on;
Becca is helping with the final stages of editing.

Becca's been embroidering this little guy, isn't he cute?

We leave you with a funny video by For Heaven's Sake! Productions.
(We enjoyed meeting this guy after the Jostie Concert)


  1. I can't believe you got to see the Jost family! ;-) Fun post!

  2. I like your pictures Becca.They are real cute!

  3. Congratulations to Becca--she looks beautiful! The paper butterflies are lovely and the rabbits are so cute--sorry to hear about the black one.

    1. Thanks Bethany! I'm not usually in front of a camera, and was pleasantly surprised how well the pictures turned out :)
      I'll do a how-to post for the butterflies soon.

    2. Sounds interesting! I'll be looking forward to it!

  4. Wow, you have been busy!
    I love the paper butterflies and the embroidered owl. How cute!
    And congratulations to Becca (even though she's not graduated yet)! That's a lovely picture. The snow in the back is rather wonderful.
    Oh, adorable baby bunnies! I love the color. They look like coffee, or chocolate.
    That looks like a very fun concert that you went to! I've never heard of the Josties.

    1. Thanks Abbey!
      Yeah last week was kind of crazy :)
      Dad took the pictures for me, we had a lot of fun!
      Yes! aren't they beautiful? it's so fun having baby bunnies:)

  5. Fun post! Are you going to publish your short story? If so could you email of Ravelry? I'm trying to figure out what to do with my last challenge story.


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