Monday, March 17, 2014

Ups and Downs

Austin and Mama Stormy: September 2011

Becca and I love raising rabbits.

Having baby rabbits, watching them grow from blind, helpless little kits, to fluffy little balls of energy in only a matter of weeks has to one of the neatest miracles of God's creation to watch.

But with ups, come downs.

Our "up" today was that Sarah Jane had a healthy litter of four kits!

They're hiding in all the fur. :)

Sarah Jane

Our "down" was that Rosie was due today also,
but two weeks ago she died of natural causes.

We are pretty sad.
 Rosie was such a sweet rabbit, and a good mama
We will miss her

March 2012-March 5th 2014

Baby Rosie


  1. I am so sorry about Sarah Jane. It's so hard to lose an animal.

    1. Thanks Abbey (it was Rosie), Now I'm on the lookout for another doe.


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