Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Just "Kidding" Around

Sad baby goat: "Why am I getting squeezed? I want to run and frolic!"

This is a post we meant to do this weekend, but time got away from us. 
I can hardly believe it's already Wednesday!

This past week we had the chance to farm-sit for our friends again.
 While that is always fun to do, what made it especially fun this time were the…

Baby goats!

Five kids in fact.

They were very friendly,

"Hey, that's my hand!"
 and hungry.

They were so darling! Every time we would walk in their pen, we would have two or three at our heels, or standing up against our legs, looking for a snack.

You may have noticed how cute these little guys' ears are.
Most goats have ears like this:

But their father is a Lamancha goat, which basically means he has no ears.

A Lamancha Goat

Well, not "no ears"…just very tiny ones. :)

Thank you, Scott and Becky, for letting us play with your baby goats!

 Don't worry, 
we pulled ourselves away from the kids long enough to take care of the other animals too. :)


  1. How fun! Farm sitting is the best!!

    Bek and I are looking forward to our very own kidding soon!


    1. Yes, since we can't have a farm of our own, farm sitting is the next best thing!
      That's exciting!

  2. :b my goats are they have long flappy ears.

    1. Aww, I bet they're really cute. Do you milk them?

    2. I do, but right now they are dry.

  3. Oh my goodness, those kids are so adorable. Haha, every single comment that I post is something along the lines of that... "That [insert animal here] is so cute!"
    Oh well.

    1. Haha, I guess we just have an over abundance of cuteness over here. :)


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