Thursday, June 13, 2013

Meet Steve

By: Beth

 So far, we have introduced all of our adult rabbits except one… Steve!

Isn't he a handsome fellow? You may be wondering why we named him Steve. It is a funny name for a rabbit after all. Well, maybe you aren't , but I'll tell you anyway :)
Steve is named for Steve Austin, the main character in a 70's TV show called "The Six Million Dollar Man". He's our "Bionic Bunny", though he doesn't have any super powers. He is very fast, agile, and muscular, but he doesn't make those cheesy sound effects when he jumps over things.  :)

Steve is a very independent rabbit. He doesn't mind being held, so long as he can decide when it's over.
He has fathered four litters so far, but only one of the babies has looked like him.

Steve McGee, our kit we fostered into another litter (See post "Meet Stormy").

So now you've met all our rabbits! They are a cute little bunch, aren't they? Well, we sure like them. 


  1. I nominated you for the Reader's Appreciation Award!

    1. That's really nice of you! Thanks!


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