Tuesday, April 2, 2013


By Becca

Embroidery is a rather new thing for me.  I had never really been interested in it. I had always thought it was pretty, and the comical little animals embroidered on the corners of the dishtowels at church where darling,  but I decided it wasn't for me.  You had to have patience, a careful hand, and frankly I thought it was boring. I was wrong.

On a whim one day I typed 'how to embroider' into a search engine. I would try to make a cloth cover for a journal I made for a movie prop, and thought that some embroidery would be period appropriate for the pioneer film we where planning.  Then I got distracted. It was fun and exciting to see the small (slightly crooked) stitches coming together and forming letters and shapes. The finished product wasn't at all what it started out to be.

All right,  it's not perfect, but it was my first try and I was pretty impressed : ) Especially with the treble clef. I nearly freehanded it! All that to say, I was hooked. The slow pace insured a neat precision that I rarely have, it was like drawing with thread and I'm all for drawing.

 With each project I learned a little more, new stitching techniques and that you shouldn't really add fabric after the embroidery (Opps!) 

The sky is a silky fabric that I thought would look nice after everything else was done. Sewing the fabric around the owl, branch and moon, well, let's just say I'll never do it that way again : )

When we found out that our Aunt and Uncle where expecting a baby boy, Beth and I started thinking of what we would make for  a baby gift. Still brimming with ideas of how to use this new medium, I designed something that incorporated his name ( They had picked out a name already)

This time I actually planed things out,  no more last minute decisions. I put together a plan on the computer, printed it out and then traced it on the cloth.  Fabric went on first, and it went smoothly.  Well, there where a few problems, but practice makes perfect. 

My Aunt liked it a lot, in fact she asked if I could make something similar for their daughter Alice. I couldn't wait to do something sweet, frilly and girly. All the cute fabrics I could use and adorable designs I could make,  of course I said yes. 
 So that's what I'm working on now, I've just started but I think it might be super cute!

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  1. I think they are all pretty good! I love embroidery, I think it is so fun and colorful. Keturah


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