Sunday, March 31, 2013

Christ The Lord Has Risen Today


  1. Hi! Exactly how many songs are here? I kept clicking on one after another. And are they all Christian? I knew most of them like loosing, lead me, and such but some of the others I wasn't sure about.:)

    1. Hi Keturah!
      We only have two songs on our blog right now.
      The videos the pop up after our song is done are not ours. They are videos from youtube that may or may not be similar in content to our video. We tried to change that, but its been difficult, we're still working on it. We do not know the content of the videos nor do we have any control over what they are. In short, like anything on the internet, use caution and common sense. If you don't recognize it or aren't sure about it, don't click on it just cause it's after our song.

  2. Thanks:) some of this internet stuff can be weird:) I liked your song! Keturah


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