Monday, April 22, 2013

Sewing Room Redecorated

By Becca

We had a dysfunctional little sewing room, actually it was more of a closet.  It was dark and cramped with a funny slanted ceiling where anyone over four feet couldn't stand up straight.   A big gapping hole gave us access to one of our upstairs crawlspaces.   A large unused cement chimney took up needed space, and the look was completed with wood-paneling on every finished wall.

When Beth and I were younger, we used it for a playroom, though it was so small I'm not sure what we did in there…              

As we grew older and our interests changed, the room turned into sewing/costume/prop room.  To be honest, many other miscellaneous items got tossed in there just to hide them from sight.
 This winter I was itching to do something, not quite sure what, but that big ugly chimney was just asking for some demolition.

It took a few months to knock that puppy down.   Granted, I worked on it sporadically and had a tiny hammer.   ( well, it was no sledgehammer) But finally all that was left was a bunch of rubble, three pieces of chimney pipe, a awkward hole in the floor and a bruised toe ( There is a reason construction workers wear steel toed boots). 

I was pretty excited when the last cinderblock was hauled out the door, but then looking around at the rest of the room…

I knew it wasn't done yet.

After Beth and I cleaned all the stuff out, and with the chimney gone the room seemed a little larger. 
 We had a list of problems that needed solving. The first on the list was the chimney, so we crossed that off. 

  1. Chimney
  2. Hole in the floor and ceiling
  3. Unfinished wall
  4. Open hole to the crawlspace
  5. Not enough storage
  6. Wood-paneling
  7. Ugly : )   
A few more months went by and the room began it's transformation.  Now it's completely done… well almost.   I still think the ottoman needs one more pillow, another project for this afternoon.



Keep checking the blog, as we'll post in more detail about the individual projects.


  1. Wow! I really like the finished look. Must have been a lot of work.

    1. Thanks! It was, but we had fun working on it


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