Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring is here!

By Becca

Finally! After weeks and weeks of snow and cold temperatures the sun has come out and melted it all away, well most of it.  Some of that melted snow has found it's way into our basement, oh dear.

Here are few more signs of spring we have seen.

Saturday saw the death of our snow-Dalek

Now all that's left of it, the eyestalk and death-ray.

We also encountered a snapping turtle, 

 He was a rather docile fellow, didn't seem to mind us looking at him. I think he was only trying to sunbathe. 

Also the first green sprouts of a crocus starting peeking out.

Early this morning the tightly closed bud was showing

And now it's bloomed fully

After waiting for spring for so long, it feels all the more special when it finally does arrive.

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  1. Spring is here also and I'm loving it too! No spring,gentle breeze, and green:) keturah


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