Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Stormy and Rosie's Count Down, Day 28

Well, it's that time again.
With the nest boxes in place we hopefully await the arrival of the little bunnies :)

Stormy, the experienced mother, relaxes in her nest box.

And next door, Rosie hops down from the roof of her nest box to say "hello"

We've never really had two litters at the same time, well… there was Julie's litter with Steve McGee, but that doesn't count as we fostered him into Stormy's litter a few hours after he was born.
But it's interesting to see the two Mamas going about things differently, for example...

Stormy has a beautiful nest prepared, it reminds us of a Hobbit Hole : )

Looks cozy, doesn't it?
Rosie, on the other hand, hasn't made anything quite as nice… her construction is mostly



Now what's up with that?

Come on Rosie, there's only three days left!

Maybe you need some advice from Stormy…

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