Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Meet Simon

By Bethany

       This is Simon, our darling Castor buck. He is one of our sweetest rabbits, and is quite a doll. He is also our newest rabbit, and the replacement for Oreo (may he rest in peace). We bought him at a pet store, and payed an inflated pet store price for him, but we were in dire need of a another good buck before spring, and he has been worth it.

  He is a very happy rabbit, and it isn't rare to see him doing binkies in his hutch. He doesn't mind a hug every so often, and likes to be snuggled as long as he isn't in a hyper mood.  :)

  This picture is from the first day we got Simon, and he is enjoying the fenced in area we have around the rabbit hutches. He was about 3 months old then, so was almost full grown. He is a handsome little rabbit, but he wouldn't be considered "show quality", as his fur isn't as thick and plushy as it should be. His best traits are his beautiful color and endearing personality,  which we hope will be passed down to his children who are due in about two weeks.

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