Thursday, February 28, 2013


By Becca

 Mom was on a cleaning spree and found a scrap of yellow paper in her closet.
It was a poem.
It didn't have a name or date on it, but from the handwriting, she knew it was mine.
She put the paper on the dining room table where Beth and I where doing our schoolwork.
I picked it up, happy for a distraction, and read it.
Some parts where silly and bad spelling dotted the paper, but a few lines weren't that bad.
Later I rewrote it, keeping the first stanza, chucking the last, and altering the middle ones.
Anyhow, something I started when I was a little kid somehow found its way to our blog :)

The delicate lace of Sky's blue gown
Danced across endless space
The breath of the wind whirled it around
Starting the merriest chase

While Sky changed to her evening dress
The frills turned purple, pink
The stars peek out behind the darkness
Piercing the heavens as black as ink

As the velvet night began fading away
The silver moon still shone it's light
Sky slipped into her bright new today
But all still remembered the night


  1. Cute poem it's very fun!Did you get a scolding for being distracted?=)

    1. Thanks! Glad you liked it, and no, actually I did not get a scolding. Mom was still cleaning and didn't notice : )


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