Saturday, February 9, 2013

Meet Rosie

By Becca

    Out of all our rabbits ( I guess we do only have four )Rosie is my favorite, well... my favorite doe, for many reasons.

One big reason is because of Julie,  my first rabbit.  

Julie was a beautiful broken castor mini rex. She had black eyelashes like she was wearing mascara and a spot on her rump in the shape of a heart. She was sweet, playful and just plain cute. But there was one problem, she was a terrible mother, just terrible, and she also grunted at my sister (weird, I know).      
The only living kit ever she had was a miracle and even then we fostered him into another litter, for fear of the little guy being neglected. Anyways, we couldn't put up with Julie's unique mothering techniques (or lack of) for much longer, and gave her away to a good home.
  A few days later we went in search of her replacement and found Rosie.

Rosie was perfect. She's a tricolor with plushy rex fur and she was simply an adorable little peanut :) 

                 She has now grown into beautiful rabbit and has proved herself an excellent mother. 

Here's the family, they're all boys and all look like just mom :)

                                        Here she is sharing a snack with her son Tristan

Rory, one of her handsome boys, went to live with friends of ours. There he enjoys a life of freedom and lots of attention. It is so fun seeing the babies that once fit into the palm of my hand grow to be a big rabbit, overflowing my arms :)

Rosie will have another litter this spring and is due in a few weeks.
It will be so fun to have babies again, I can hardly wait!
 Keep checking for baby updates.

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