Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rosie's Countdown, Day 28

     Countdown to Rosie's Due Date!

           It's only three more days away, and excitement is building! Rosie started pulling out fur for her nest two weeks ago… but we hadn't given her the nest box yet, so it fell through the floor of her hutch and has now mostly blown away :(   She'll have to pull out more, or her little babies will be chilly! (Temps have been in the negative, and even though they are in our garage, it's not heated)
  The first litter of the year is always so fun, and means Spring is on it's way!


Here's Mama, smiling for the camera!

Warm nestbox? Check!
Lots of nice clean straw? Check!
Fur to line the nest, and keep the babies cozy? Let's see…

A little fur, and some shredded cardboard?? Rosie, you still have some work to do to get that nest ready for your little ones. Good thing there are still three more days!

Here is Daddy Steve, watching from across the room. Isn't he handsome? We're hoping that some of the kits will look like him and we'll get some opals, but the broken (white and another color) gene is dominate so they will probably all be little Rosies (which are also darling)

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