Thursday, May 5, 2016

What's Baking? || April

This month I actually have some pictures of my own, but they're not very pretty. I'm sure you'll be able to sympathize with recipes not turning out exactly as pictured. I mean really, does it matter how good it looks if it tastes good? :)

First is actually something I made for Easter, so not quite April, but I made them after the first post in this series.

Using the bun recipe from here, some inspiration from pinterest, a scissors to clip the dough into ears and a tail, I made...

Bunny Buns!

Yes, I admit their pointy ears make them look more like cats. 


Our church had a ladies brunch and instead of making an old faithful recipe I knew would turn out well, I wanted to try these out.

Click picture to go to recipe.

Instead of strawberry, I used a mixed berry jam, and they did not turn out that pretty. My first batch was an oozy mess. The second was better, and while they weren't bad, I think I over-baked them a bit and they were dry.

Next up was this delicious grapefruit yogurt cake.
The recipe called for a loaf pan, but I thought I could make it prettier in a bundt pan...

Oh yes, it's so beauteeful.

The picture makes it look burnt, but it's not... I don't think.  I just had to shake and finagle it out of the pan. Once I put glaze on it, it looked...the same. But it was yummy!

One night I was in charge of making supper, and decided on waffles. It had been a while since we pulled our waffle iron out, but I found a recipe and got to it.

Click picture for recipe link

While mixing up the batter, I discovered we were low on flour. So I used almond flour for part of it. 
It took a bit to get the hang of the waffle iron, so the first few were pretty bedraggled looking, but the rest were ok. I guess the secret to crispy waffles is seltzer water, which I didn't have, but my family seemed to enjoy limp waffles just the same. :)

This last recipe is a new favorite, but has nothing to do with baking, just deliciousness.

Click picture for recipe link

This caramel frappuccino just has three ingredients: cold coffee, milk frozen into ice cubes, and pureed dates.  The dates give it the perfect sweetness and caramel flavor! And I just used normal coffee, instead of cold press.

What new recipes have you been trying lately?
Isn't it disappointing when things don't turn out like the picture?


  1. I appreciate how your baking experiences and photos are very "real," because cat buns and limp waffles happen.

  2. Ooo these sound yummy! I tried a new entree not long ago. It was a root pie. It had squash, mushrooms, beets, carrots, and other root veggies in a savory crust. Delicious!

  3. Mmmmmmm. Those bunny/cat buns look delicious! Everything does.


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