Monday, April 25, 2016

Botanical Beauty

That's right, Ivy, another upholstery project for you to hinder, I mean, help me with. :)

My mom found this chair, and it has been patiently waiting for me to give it some attention. At first glance, it's faded green with metallic thread fabric isn't very appealing, but it's simple lines and beautiful carved arms and legs just needed a bit of fixing up. 

Beneath the strange exterior fabric lay a pretty light blue damask.

 But that was so faded and dirty, it needed to go too.

The previous upholsterer used a bit of improvisation when they ran out nails. The thumbtacks seemed to have done the trick.

A new layer of batting, and a new coat of stain.

Ivy: "Yum, fluffing stuff!" *nom, nom, nom*

I knew I could use something I already had to reupholster this chair, but the few ideas I had didn't quite seem to fit. After digging through my stash longer, I found an interesting botanical print, which Becca helped decide was just the thing. Fun and different, yet still elegant and versatile.

This fabric was also a find from Mom, picked up at a garage sale.

This chair does't have a home yet, so it will be off to the little shop in town. 

What do you think of it's new look?


  1. It's gorgeous!! Did you put a lighter stain on?

    1. Thanks! Yes, it is a bit lighter then the original stain.

  2. So pretty! I love the fabric.

  3. Love it! Haven't been doing much blog reading lately. There are so many lovely posts to see!


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