Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Five Fat Fluffy Fur balls :)

Hello everyone!
We have baby bunnies to share once again. 
They are three weeks old now and getting to the peak of adorableness :) 

Shall we introduce them?
We don't know their gender yet, but they still have been named :) 

This sweet little tri-color is actually unnamed right now. 
Any suggestions? :) 

There are two solid black bunnies in this litter, and they're hard to tell apart. 
On of them is named Don and the other is Phil, for Don and Phil Everly

Yeah, they're kind of creepy bunnies.

The little harlequin was named Daisy jr. 

This baby is the largest in the litter, and was dubbed Zeus.

This is either Don, or Phil, depending on who was in the earlier picture :) 

Now, don't you want a bunny? :) 


  1. EEEEEEEK!!!! I WANT THEM ALL! I have six bunnies right now, but they're all full-grown and I long for some wee babies again. ;-) Thanks for sharing these pictures!

  2. I can't handle the adorable levels!


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