Monday, June 15, 2015

Till Sunbeams Find You

By Becca
Like all briliant ideas, I first came up with mine after seeing this on Pinterest.  :)

I've wanted to try this technique out for so long, but never had the time or materials. 
So when Mom came home from a thrift store with two square canvases I saw my chance.  :)
Starting with the canvas, I covered up the flower print with pages from Reader Digest's Little Women and Modge Podged it.

Then I printed out the text I designed on Picmonkey. (Love this site!) 

The words are lyrics from a song written in 1931: "Dream a Little Dream of Me." I had loved that part for so long, but never had a way to use it untill now.

I rolled out a sheet of adhesive vinyl, taped it to a cardboard box, taped the paper to the vinyl and got to work with my x-acto knife.

It was tricky sometimes to cut out the thinner letters, or carefully getting all the curls and knotches that define the font. But it was so fun to see everything come together!

You may notice, as did my mom and sister, that not everything is quite straight... but it was problematic to stick all the letters down perfectly and that's okay. 
It's art.  :)

I was so excited to start peeling up the letters! And with each one removed I loved it more and more.

The paint did leak a little under the letters, but it scratched off easily enough. After cleaning it up, I put a layer of Modge Podge over everything to seal it.

We found it quite amusing to see what parts from the book came through the letters. The longest bit is in the picture above, and of all the things for it to say: "Now, Meg, be quiet, don't be a whining baby."    


  1. I think it is really cool! When I was in a Barbershop Choir (a long time ago) I sang Dream a Little Dream of Me, so I think the quote is really cool!

    1. Thanks Vance! I've always loved that song and I was excited to be able to use it for the project.

  2. This is so cute and clever! :D And how funny about that quote. Heehee. ;)

    1. Thanks Paige! That quote was such a funny surprise too! :)

  3. Lovely! I like it that the letters don't match up perfectly; it makes it more artsy.

    1. Thanks Abbey! And yes, that's exactly right. :)


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