Saturday, July 19, 2014

Vacation Treasures

"Mother, Mother, I feel sick. Send for the doctor; quick, quick, quick!"

We grew up playing with old Fisher Price toys at our grandparents' house, and now that we are older, our family has collected a few of those play sets for when we have little kids over.

So when we found this Fisher Price children's hospital in Holland, MI, we knew it was coming home with us.

Our little cousins had a lot of fun playing with it later in our trip.

While we were also in Michigan, we were able to meet a very nice lady, Ann, who is a friend of our grandma's, and a follower of our blog!

She had just finished having a rummage sale, and brought along some things she thought we might like.

This is a beautiful crocheted bed spread. It needs a few repairs, but it's so pretty!

She also had some lovely teacups to add to Becca's collection.

A vintage souvenir teacup from Detroit, MI.
 These two are from our Aunt Barb, and I get to keep one of them to remember our tea time together with her and Ann.

 I think Becca will want the rose one, so I get the blue one! 

Becca found this cradle at a thrift store too. We saw one very similar to it in museum in Massachusetts, though I'm sure this one is just designed to look old.

Aunt Barb took us to lots of fun little shops around Holland, and at the Wooden Shoe Antiques, we found a few more treasures.

One was this candy mold. It is absolutely darling, and now we can make rabbit lollipops!

I also found some books there. 

Postern of Fate stars my most favorite crime solving duo; Tommy and Tuppence. Though, this is their last book, and the now elderly couple can't have adventures like they used to, it was still a fun read.

The Firm of Girdlestone is by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I've only ever read the Sherlock Holmes Stories, so I'm really looking forward to getting into this one.

"Merry x'mas. To Olive, from Mama. 1906", written in the front cover. So sweet!

While staying with our Great Aunt Sally in Massachusetts, we went to Brimfield Flea Market, the largest flea market in the country!

With limited space in our car, we could mostly just ooh and ah over things, but we did find a few treasures to take home.

This reprinted Beatles poster is one of my favorites. I love the font of "the" at the top, and it will be so fun hanging in our room.

A cast iron rabbit.

Some old keys Becca found.

While walking around the flea market we saw a huge dollhouse, unfinished, and only $60 dollars! There are no way we could have brought it home, but it would have been an amazing project. Other dollhouses we saw there were selling for $100+, so it was such a good deal, and we were pretty sad we had to pass it by.

Aunt Sally's bridesmaid dress jumped out of the closet, and it fit Becca almost perfectly, so she let us take it home! 
It's such a cute peach Swiss dot fabric.

We also visited an antique store owned by an uncle of ours.
Becca found this record, but he wouldn't tell her how much it was. Then he said it had a special code on the back that meant it was free. Thanks Uncle Jim!

The Unicorn was the only song we knew on the record by the Irish Rovers, but it's a fun album to add to our collection.
Have you heard that song before? It's pretty silly, but cute.

So, we have lot's of fun things to remember our vacation by, and we hope you enjoyed seeing a few of them!


  1. Pretty dress and tea cups! Really like the old Doyle book :b glad ya'll had fun :D

    1. Beth is really enjoying The Firm of Girdlestone, she was keeping me up last night reading funny descriptions of characters ( and their anaconda like movements) :)

    2. Haha that always irritates me when people read me parts of books because it spoils it for me :)

  2. Love the tea cups! The bridesmaid dress looks beautiful on Becca!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Sereina! And welcome to our blog!

  4. Hello girls!
    Wow! You two sound just like our trio! We always love to stop and shop in antique stores on our road trips, although we don't get to do so very often (hem, Dad would need a coffee shop or a bookstore to spend his time at while we ladies shop!). But I do so admire all the delightful things you brought home. The gown, teacups, and doily table spread are too wonderful for words! I know the girls and I would have gone nuts over them. And the Fisher Price toys and bunny nicknacks are perfect for you two. Do you know, our family loves collecting old toys too for future grandchildren too! Neat coincidence!

    Much love to you both!

    The eldest sister & singer

    1. That sounds like our dad too, although he'd go for a hobby store or a gun shop. :)
      Thank you for your comment!

  5. That little hospital is so cute!
    And great book finds! Especially the A. Conan Doyle one. I love it when old books have inscriptions in the front. You'll have to tell me how this book holds up to Sherlock Holmes. I have one of his other books - The Doings of Raffles Haw - too, but haven't been brave enough to read it yet.
    What a lovely little cradle! And that dress is absolutely gorgeous.
    That Beatles poster, though. That's super cool. I'm jealous. xD

    1. So far, I'm really enjoying it! It has some very interesting characters, and it's enjoyable reading something by him that I don't have a preconceived expectation of. I'm not sure if that's the right way of saying it, but Sherlock Holmes is such a well known character, it's fun that I can just get to get acquainted with these characters as they are introduced, if that makes sense.

  6. You look beautiful in my dress Becca. so glad it popped out of the closet. thanks for coming to visit. had a great time! XoX Sally

  7. Oh you look AMAZING in that dress Becca. About a year ago one of my older sisters and I went Thrift Store shopping with my mom and I convinced her to get a dress that looks EXACTLY like the one you are wearing only it was a light blue.

  8. Thanks Bailey!
    That's so fun! I love thrift stores. :)

  9. Hi Becca,
    Those the dress and keys are so cool! I'm an antiquarian myself and I collect both vintage and antique things and one of my favorites is my doorknob that came with a skeleton key from the early-mid 1800s. Your teacups are beautiful! My mom has a wide collection of them and some of her favorites are her mustache cups. They were from the 19th century as well. It was a cup with a partial cover that protects the mustache of the person drinking from it.
    I'm really happy I came across your blog, I loved reading it!
    Hugs from Hayley


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