Thursday, July 31, 2014

Beautiful People || July Addition || Becca's Characters

Oh my goodness gracious! 
In two hours it won't be July anymore and I promised myself I'd do this one after I missed the last one.
So, here we go.

I'd like to introduce Cecile Bellerose, the heroine in my retelling of Beauty and the Beast.
She looks rather tired doesn't she? Quite like myself right now....
Via Pinterest

It is for the Five Enchanted Roses contest, not that I believe I'll even finish it in time... but it is a very interesting writing prompt. 

1) What’s their favourite food? (Bonus: favourite flavor of chocolate!) 
Cream Puffs, she has a weakness for cream puffs. :) She also likes dark chocolate.

2) What do they absolutely hate?

Shallow people fluttering around; flattering and gossiping about each other. She hates how so many people she knows are just pretty shells and inside there is absolutely nothing.

3) What do they enjoy learning about? 
People, real people who did things that mattered. She loves the Bible and how God uses such everyday people for extraordinary things.

4) Who is the most influential person in their life? 

Her mother. She was always calm and kind in any situation, thinking ahead and very practical. Now that she has passed, Cecile sees how unbalanced her family has become, and she tries to fill that role.

5) What is their childhood fear? 

Monsters in the dark.

6) What is something they have always secretly dreamed of doing, but thought impossible? 

 Cecile has been surrounded by a whirl of high society, high-class "friends" and high expectations for her future: marry money and continue the cycle. She wishes for a quiet life, a large garden and a true love.

7) What is something they are impractically afraid of? 
Monsters in the dark. Yeah that's cheating, but I really want to go to bed.  :)

8) Are they a night owl or morning person? 

Morning. Which make the late night balls all the more intolerable in her eyes.

9) Do they say everything that pops into their head, or leave a lot unsaid? 
It depends on who she's with. She speaks freely with her brother and used to have long talks with her mother, but keeps her thoughts to herself otherwise.

10) What are their nervous habits?

She watches, silently, and just observes. It really bugs her older sister.

Yay! I can go to bed now.
 Good bye July, hello August. 


  1. Haha, ur funny ;) love the story. I saw this contest and had some good ideas, but don't know if I want to enter yet or not :b

    1. Thanks Keturah! I've had lot of fun brainstorming ideas.

  2. You are entering the contest! That is exciting! (I have been thinking of doing it but I have an irrational fear of contests and I am not sure if my idea would turn out very good.)
    I like Cecile a lot. Anyone who can look deeper into a person always makes it high on my likable list.

    1. Well, I might enter the contest if I finish in time... :P
      Thanks Jack, I really enjoy building the character of my characters :)

  3. I set up a blog at and it shall hopefully be fun :) but it still needs some work. Suggestions ( by email) would be nice :)

  4. Oooooo!! Sound really interesting!!! I really am liking the fairytale retellings that I have read about(and I am waiting for Mom to let me read The Five Glass Slippers). Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite fairytales.

    1. Thanks Bailey! I'm glad to see a new face on the blog as well, welcome!
      Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairytale too!


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