Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mission: Preferably Pastels

by: Bethany

This was a very fun special order, as Carole, our client/customer (is that the right word?) said we could do whatever we liked with the dresser and nightstand"...preferably a pastel, and not pink."

There's quite a range of colors that aren't pink, and finding  one that didn't look too "baby" was a bit tricky. 

We finally settled on this pale turquoise called "Transparent" that complemented the fabric Carole gave us for the chair.


The dresser sustained some injuries on it's way to our house, but Becca reattached the corner with a strong wood epoxy!

We copied the gold paint along the edges, but used white instead, and spray painted the hardware to match.


I can't quite figure old how old this chair is. I know it's vintage, but I can't find anything quite like it online. The barrel back seems to be a midcentury modern style, so it could be circa 1940-1960, or at least that's my amateur guess.


The narrow groove where the original fabric was stapled was too small for my staple gun.
So I stapled just a bit higher, and then attached three rows of piping to cover the staples and the edge of the fabric.


Last fall, I did another chair for Carol with the same fabric. These two will be such a cute pair, as their styles are so different, yet they'll match with their white wood and gold/yellow fabric.

Another mission accomplished!


  1. You did a beautiful job on all the furniture! Love the pale turquoise color!

  2. Very fun! I love the blue-color for the dressers.

  3. Thanks everyone, you're so nice :)


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