Sunday, June 15, 2014

Things We Like About Dad...

Just like we did on Mother's Day, we're going to do a similar thing for our dad. Except this time, we have our original list, so be prepared for some funny stories to go along with it.

This is the box we made to hold the list, 
decorated with some of our dad's favorite things. :)

 Onto, "Things We Like About Dad".
(edited for spelling and grammar)

#1 "You can go 4-wheeling with us"

#2 "You get us stuck, but you always get us out"

These first two go together. Our dad loves to go 4-wheeling. We used to have an old Suburban and pretty much every winter we would go out driving in the country and bust through snow drifts. On a couple occasions, we would go through a drift that was a little too deep for the truck.
Dad would always get us home safe, but sometimes that meant walking through blizzards in our jimjams.  :)

#3 "You take us on really cool adventures.
 It's really fun to go hiking with you"

Dad's tying my (Becca) shoe :)

#4 "You do a lot of cool things with us, like bringing us to the movies."

This year for Father's Day we're taking him to the movies.  :)

#5 "You're funny"

Our dad has a great sense of humor, and loves to goof off, but surprisingly, most people think he's very serious when they first meet him.

#6"You are kind and patient"

#7"You are smart"

#8 "You teach us a lot of stuff"

#9"You know a lot about the Bible"

This group kind of goes together too. With being homeschooled, our mom did most of the teaching, and we joked that Dad was our principle. But our dad has taught us so much as well. Besides being a patient driver's ed teacher, (even when I (Beth) about crashed into our local grocery store), our dad taught us how to shoot, and most importantly, he has been a strong spiritual leader for our family, and is a wonderful example to us in the way he diligently studies the Bible.

#10 "You get us doughnuts"

For a long time, it was a tradition for Dad to get doughnuts for us every Saturday morning. 
Now that we're older, that doesn't happen as often; if we want doughnuts, we can drive ourselves to the bakery. :)

#11 "You can drive a cool boat"

Whenever he gets the chance, our dad loves to drive speed boats, jet skis, you name it. It isn't very practical for us to own a boat where we live, but whenever there's a chance to rent one, our dad takes it.

#12 "You're sooooo strong!"

Our dad was in the Marines, and he's always kept up a schedule of lifting weights. He does his sets in between loads of laundry. Oh yes, our dad takes care of most of the household laundry! 
He's a great dad. :)

#13 "You're so cool!"

#14 "You take care and provide for us"

#15 "You're the best dad in the world, and we love you!"


  1. How cute! I'm sure your dad loves his little box. :)
    My Dad also enjoys taking us on hiking adventures. And he has quite the sense of humor, ;)

  2. My dad is serious until you get to know him too. The first ten or so years of my life, I don't really remember him laughing much... and then, suddenly, it seemed as if he got a sense of humor overnight, and we've been laughing together ever since. Hee hee.

  3. That is a fun idea. And your dad sounds like an amazing guy 8-D


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