Sunday, May 11, 2014

Things We Like About Mom...

About, oh, maybe 9 or 10 years ago Becca and I made a little box for a mother's day present.
We painted and decorated it, and on the top we wrote "Things we like about Mom" and filled it with scraps of paper listing all the things we liked about our mom.

We were little, so some of the things were pretty silly, but it's fun to look back on them, and it's what gave me the inspiration for this Mother's Day post.
We actually couldn't find the original ones, so we had to make a new list.

So without further ado...

Things We Like About Mom (revised)
(in no particular order)

#1 She is our teacher.

#2 She loves to learn

#3 She can be silly with us

#4 She's an encourager

#5 She's an example to us as a godly wife

#6 She's very good about serving others

#7 She's a good cook

#8 She watches Sherlock with us
(She doesn't quite get Doctor Who though...) :)

#9 She goes junkin' with us

#10 She taught us to be thrifty

#11 She's always up for an adventure

#12 She puts up with our random tv show/movie quotes

#13 She's our blog editor

#14 She's interested in herbs, and healing things naturally

#15 She loves and cares for us...

And we love her so much too!

The card Becca made for Mom this year.
Little Becca is on the left, and Bethany's on the right.


  1. What a sweet idea! It's too bad you couldn't find your old list, but your new one is wonderful. :) Your mom kinda reminds me of mine.

    1. Thanks! As we looked for the old list, our mom kept saying, "I know I didn't throw it out! I just can't figure out where it went!" Oh well, we'll probably find it sometime we aren't looking for it. :)

  2. This is such a great idea! I may borrow it for next year...or for my mom's birthday if I can't wait a whole year! You two were cute little kids! :) I've nominated your blog for the Beautiful Blog Award over on mine at :)

    1. Yes, go ahead!

      Thanks for nominating us! It looks like we'll have a double award post, with one from Paige too. It will be fun!


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