Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Fourth Doctor's Scarf

by: Bethany

It's fun, it's long, it's iconic, and it's a wonder the Doctor never tripped over the silly thing. 

Long enough to share!

 I decided to make one for myself, but since I don't know how to knit, I crocheted it instead. I didn't make it exactly the same, because I wanted to incorporate the colors in my plaid coat.

Snowflakes in my eyes!

Sarah-Jane approves

 The pattern I based it on, is found here, but  I changed the colors, and made it a little shorter (just a bit. it's still 16 feet long).

I used "I Love This Yarn!" from Hobby Lobby:

Antique Teal
Pistache=Light Green

Any other colors could be used. The original ones are:

Olive Green 

To start, crochet a 10 in. chain with first color, then in second stitch, single crochet rows as follows:

8 purple                        8 purple
32 grey                         38 brown
16 brown                     10 grey
10 teal                          30 red
22 red                          14 teal
8 purple                       20 green
20 green                      8 purple
8 teal                            32 grey
28 grey                        12 brown
14 red                           20 teal
8 brown                        8 red
10 purple                      12 purple
32 green                       6 grey
16 teal                          34 green
8 red                            16 red
34 grey                        12 teal
10 purple                     20 brown
12 green                      12 grey
8 teal                           10 red
18 red                          16 teal

For tassels, cut 16 1ft lengths of each color yarn (to make 8 tassels on each side), and knot them on the ends of the scarf, spacing them evenly.

Looks like I need to do a little trimming to even them out :)

This is my first time writing out a pattern, so if anything is confusing, let me know.

  Becca and I have been Doctor Who fans for only about a year and a half. Thanks to our friend Zach, who told us about the show, we decided to give it a try. It was only a couple days later that we found a Doctor Who marathon on TV, and started watching.
   The first episode we saw was "Flesh and Stone". The one with Eleven, River Song, Amy, and the weeping angels.  We were dropped right in the middle of the second episode of a two parter, and we were kind of lost, but it was really interesting! So, we kept watching, and watching, and watching…

  We went back to the beginning of the restart, fell in love with Nine, sadly watched him regenerate, and then skeptically watched Ten. It didn't take too long before he became a favorite, and then we came back around to Eleven. It was fun watching that, since we had only seen a little disjointed section of his tenure, and soon we were caught up to the new episodes that were playing.
  After that, we began our venture back into the original episodes. And I could go on and on, but I should probably stop before this turns into a commentary of the entire series.  :)

Note: While Becca and I have very much enjoyed watching this series, it does have some objectionable content.  At which we wince and groan and exclaim "That was completely unnecessary!"


  1. I love 4's scarf. I think it is the best thing the Doctor ever wore and I keep hoping 12 will wear something like it, because it is so ridiculous and fun.
    Yours is fantastic!!! I've been tempted to attempt knitting one, but I am not the world's best knitter and am a little worried to start for fear I will create a disaster

    Did you watch the 50th?.

    1. It will be really interesting to see what 12 will wear. I've liked the restart Doctors' outfits, but they haven't been as original as the old Doctors' were. No scarfs or capes or vegetables pinned to their lapels :)

      You should give it a shot! It's pretty simple (at least crocheting it was), and it only took me about a week, working on it in the evenings and so on.

      Yes, we did see the 50th. We don't have cable anymore, but thankfully our grandparents recorded it for us. It was cool! Not our favorite as far as episodes go, but it will be exciting to see where the show goes from here. And of course, it was so good to see Ten again, and Tom Baker at the end was neat too.

  2. OH MY WORD! That's absolutely brilliant!! I'm getting one. Or making one. I've been thinking about making one for awhile... but was to busy with other stuff to go find a pattern. Now to save up money for the yarn (yarn is expensive!). I love the colors you used too! How long did it take you to make?

    1. Yes, yarn can be really expensive, but the stuff I bought was actually a really good price (if I remember correctly, it was on sale), so for six skeenes of yarn, I only spent around twenty dollars or so. So, much less then buying one on, say, Etsy.

      It took about a week to make.

  3. You should post this pattern on Ravelry :) I've never seen doctor who but heard about it. You should do a post on just doctor who telling its pros cons and what makes it so interesting :)

    1. Do you think it matters that it isn't my pattern entirely, just one that I changed?

      That's a good idea for a post! Becca and I will start thinking about that.

  4. No I don't think it matters because I and other people have done it. Lol

  5. I have never seen Docter Who but one of my older sisters is a BIG fan and the first episode that I saw was Flesh and Stone. And I only really saw a few parts of it. She was watching it in the office and I was on the other side of the room waiting for Mom to give me an answer about something.


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