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Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl Blog Tour - Stop # 9 My Editor and Illustrator

 Answers in Genesis has been one of our family's favorite ministries for a long time. So when Aidly commented on our blog, and asked if we would be a part of her blog book tour, we were very excited! Why? Besides the fact that her book is being published through Answers in Genesis, Aidyl is the adopted daughter of Buddy Davis! Some you may not know who that is, but we first learned about him through his music. 

(I tried putting a video here, but for some reason it has disappeared. To hear some of Buddy Davis's songs, you can find them on YouTube)

Before we turn the post over to Aidly, here is a little bit about her, and her book:

About the Author: Whether she’s building life-sized models of dinosaurs with her adopted family, trying her hand at cooking at a private retreat, or living in a barn, author Aidyl Ewoh (aka Lydia Howe) seems to have adventures follow her wherever she goes. Check out her book, Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl and find out more about her at her BlogFacebook, and Twitter


About the Book:Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl:Traveling with her parents brings Lydia, daughter of explorer and singer Buddy Davis, plenty of adventure and mystery - from hidden clues in bookstores to cave paintings deep underground.

 Answer to the true or false question from yesterday: True. Yes, very, very true! :)

Alrighty! Now’s my time to get to brag a little bit on my absolutely wonderful editor and talented illustrator. 

Steve Golden is my editor and he’s done a fabulous job of helping not only my books become better, but also he’s helped me improve the quality of my writing. I’ve learned so much through his thoroughly nice emails. He is also really good at encouraging me by writing little comments about my story, like Oh, I like how you described that. Or, Good point. And sometimes he makes me laugh. In one book the girl is growing out her bangs and I describe them as “being right at that really annoying stage”, and he comments something like: It must be a girl thing. For some reason that struck me as really funny. 

I was introduced to Steve via email by my previous editor (a co-worker of Steve’s, who also helped me a tremendous amount, but was getting too busy for the extra work). When I first found out I was going to be switching editors, it was hard on me. I had grown to really enjoy working with my first editor (Tim), and I didn’t want to change. Looking back now, I’m really thankful for the time I had with my first editor, but I think it’s helped me grow even more to be working with Steve. 

I’ve dealt with a ton of health problems and am perpetually late with getting my edits back for that reason. Steve has been crazy-understanding about it and has taken tons of pressure off of me. (Although I will say, I sometimes have dreams, or I should say nightmares, about how late I am with returning his emails...) 

Steve has proven to be a very delightful editor, one who I am so very, very thankful for! He’s put up with a lot from me and made it extremely easy to work with him. I always look forward diving into our next project! 

Dave Ham is my illustrator. His dad, Steve Ham, and uncle, Ken Ham, work with my adopted parents, which is how we got to know him. He’s totally great at drawing! I wish I could just go sometime and watch him work, because I have a feeling it would be pretty fascinating.

We were in a real big time rush for getting Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl  published, and Dave did an amazing job of jumping right on board with us and getting his illustrations done in a very short time slot. I can’t wait to see the pictures he comes up with for the next book! ;) 

So yeah, folks! You’ve now gotten to ‘meet’ two people who were very instrumental in getting my book published. 

To read a review of my book, find out the answer to today's True or False question, have the chance to enter a giveaway & find out what my favorite books were as a kid, check out THIS blog tomorrow! 

For an extra chance to get a free book, check out THIS post!


  1. Thanks so much for having me on here, girls!

    1. Yes, and thank you so much for letting us help with the tour!

  2. Hmmm...gonna go out on a limb here and say false. While I see a computer in the picture of your totally cool writing space, in your picture of what you pack for a trip I see a lot of journals. As a writer myself, I know there's just something a little more intimate about writing by hand. What an honor to get Ken's nephew doing the illustration for your book. That would be totally cool. :-)

    1. Well... I guess you'll just have to wait until tomorrow to find out. I like your reasoning behind this answer though. :)

    2. Well, I can't be right all the time. :-) You do save a lot of paper by doing your writing on a computer. And a lot less writer's cramp.

    3. :) I do like to doodle on paper though. ;)

  3. Good post! :) I am going to say.... false? I know, at any rate, that you plan your novels on paper/notecards. I think you write them all on a computer, but, hey, just going out on a limb. ;)


  4. i've a friend who would love this book, and reading her blog! I am going to tell her all about them, because I know she will love them.
    I too am going to look into buying the book! My family and I like Answers in Genesis too, we used to get papers by them but haven't renewed yet, which is disappointing. This is really exciting! I can't wait to get my hands on the book! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hey Jack! Your comment made me smile. Thanks! And I would be delighted if you get the book. There are several giveaways you can enter for it, if you just following along with the Blog Tour you'll find them! :)


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